Kate Oates jealous of EastEnders launderette

… but has no plans to introduce one to the Coronation Street set.

Speaking at an event to unveil an expansion of Coronation Street‘s exterior set, Oates said that they had been careful not to include locations that are “synonymous with other soap operas”.

“One of the things I’m always jealous of is Albert Square’s launderette. You can never have one of those, because it’s so EastEnders. Everything has to have its own identity, and this does. It feels very northern, very Manchester, very true to Corrie, and it feels like it has been here forever.” – Kate Oates via What’s on TV

Coronation Street has added to the Victoria Street part of its set which has been a part of the show since 1999*. Existing businesses include Prima Doner, Roy’s Rolls, Community Centre, Victoria Court and the builder’s yard.

The continuation includes Costa Coffee, Co-op, a snooker hall, tattoo parlour, indian restaurant and an urban garden with a memorial bench dedicated to Corrie superfan Martyn Hett – one of the Victims of the 2017 Manchester bomb attack.

‘Wider Weatherfield’, which also includes a tram stop and a police station, will be seen on screen for the first time on 20th April.

*Victoria Street was originally built for the show in 1999, though had existed through mention prior to this.

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