Last night’s E4 airing of Hollyoaks saw a moment of passion for Cindy and Damon.

In the episode, which airs tonight on Channel 4, Holly (Amanda Clapham) and Damon (Jacob Roberts) hit a turbulent time in their relationship whilst everyone disowns Cindy (Stephanie Waring) when Tom (Ellis Hollins) exposes her as  a thief. Later, Cindy and Damon help each other through the tough times and they kiss…

Following on from Damon’s “sausage roll” proposal, Holly goes into a state of panic when she thinks she has swallowed the ring and rushes out of The Dog. Damon chases after her and proposes again but Holly refuses and tells Damon “not now, not ever” will she marry him.

Elsewhere, Cindy prepares to open her new business, “The Hatch” but she’s unaware Tom knows she stole his money and is about to tell everyone. Holly rushes to her mam’s side for support but is relieved when Damon texts and confirms she hasn’t swallowed the ring.

Damon is left devastated by Holly’s rejection and Brody (Adam Woodward) uses this to encourage him to rethink his New York plans whilst Scott (Ross Adams) tells Damon to give it another go with Holly but take things slow. Buster (Nathan Sussex) tells Brody to back off with his advice and tells Damon that he and Brody are different and they should take different paths in life.  He tells Damon to fight for his relationship if he really does love Holly.

As the crowd gathers at “The Hatch” food van, Tom begins his speech and tells everyone that Cindy stole £10,000 of his money. Holly is furious with her mom and disowns her, whilst Tom heads to the police station to tell them the truth.

Zack (Duayne Boachie) is there for Holly following her tough day and takes her for a burger at Lisa’s Love boat. The pair connect and Zack tells Holly she is more than a friend to him but just as they kiss, Damon walks in! Damon is sure they have been having a thing behind is back and humiliates Holly by bringing up her past. Holly begs for Damon’s forgiveness, exclaiming she and Zack are just friends, but Damon ends the relationship.

Zack pretends the kiss meant nothing to him and encourages Holly to fight for Damon, but is that really what Zack wants? Meanwhile, Damon heads to The Cunningham’s with a box of Damon’s stuff and finds Cindy in floods of tears. They both explain what awful days they have both had and decide to drown their sorrows with some wine together.

Whilst things are going bad for Damon and Holly’s relationship, Jack makes a big step with his and Darcy’s, as he proposes to her on The Dog patio in his kilt, leaving Esther seething.

Back at The Dog, Holly practises her apology speech to Brody and he thinks it will definitely work. However, they are completely unaware that Damon and Cindy are back at The Cunningham’s and their night consoling each other has led to passionately kissing!

Will Holly head home to discover her mum and boyfriend together? – Hollyoaks

 The episode can be seen at 6.30pm tonight (Wednesday 21st) on Channel 4.

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