Radio 2 to have a Funny Fortnight

BBC Radio 2 brings comedy to the wireless.

A new comedy revelation concerning Jeremy Vine comes to the Beeb’s second radio station.

“Comedy is an incredibly important part of Radio 2 and it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to bring new Comedy talent and ideas to Britain’s most popular radio network.” – Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 has announced a range of comedy commissions featuring a mix of celebrity panel shows, quizzes and situation comedies.

A raft of famous names run through these unique shows including Johnny Vegas, Joe Thomas and Sara Cox, as well as up-coming and emerging new talent including writers from Two Doors Down and Peter Kay’s Car Share.

Highlights include Jeremy Vine: Agony Uncle. Vine is the UK’s lunchtime radio legend. But when he’s not interviewing politicians and personalities, unearthing local stories of national importance, or talking to someone from an owl sanctuary in Stevenage, he has another vital role to perform.

Whenever he pauses to play a record, he knows he has three minutes to offer off-air advice to the world’s great and good – all of whom have asked him for help in their moment of need. God knows Donald Trump has problems. Which is why they turn, in private, to Jeremy – as played by Lewis MacLeod. Featuring Jess Robinson and Terry Mynott, this is a part-scripted, part-improvised spoof phone-in, where most of the celebrities in distress are played by impersonators, but a couple of whom may yet be real.

Celebrity Lip Service sees a gang of Britain’s most talented up-and-coming impressionists use their catalogue of voices to explore the wonderful world of fame and celebrity. Through a series of prank calls and hilarious setups, they’ll find out just how far people will go to a satisfy a star. For example, would Pizza Express in Watford clear its premises so a certain Scientologist can dine with his cats? Will Exeter City Council agree to turn off all their street lights so Katie Hopkins can finally sleep at night?

And in Josh Widdicombe Will Make Your Life Better the comedian brings to air this comedy show where Britain’s best stand-up performers and celebrities examine frustrations with their own inadequate lives to come up with life hacks, innovations, inventions and all manner of hair-brained ideas all with the purpose of helping the listener. Every hack will be rigorously tested, demonstrated and ruthlessly critiqued as Josh works out whether his guests’ ideas represent true eureka moments that will change the world for the better, or are laughably poor suggestions with a good idea lurking within, or simply utter guff.

The comedy begins in April.

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