Going on holiday to…. watch TV?

Television was the last thing on the holidaymakers’ minds in YTV’s Duty Free sitcom.

“Holidays are all about unwinding and its clear TV is a big part of how Brits relax, so it’s great news that from April 1st you can swap your sofa for a sunbed and your cuppa for a cocktail and never have to worry about missing your favourite TV on holiday again.” – Gidon Katz, MD NOW TV

Ahead of new legislation coming into play later this week allowing Brits to use their streaming services wherever in Europe, NOW TV has conducted research to show the lengths Brits go to watch TV whilst away.

As Easter holidays approach, the research reveals just how far Brits will go to get their TV fix abroad, as nearly half (46%) admit to missing TV so much they end up watching foreign shows they don’t understand. Shockingly, 30% of 18 to 34 years olds even confessed to missing a trip abroad or changing their holiday dates so they didn’t miss their favourite show or big match on TV.

Men in particular can’t kick their football habit with one in six (16%) confessing they have spent hours walking from bar to bar to find somewhere to watch sport. And instead of relaxing on their break three in five (59%) spend time on holiday worrying about missing an important match.

Brits were also prepared to go to extreme lengths to get their TV fix. Over a quarter (26%) admitted to sitting through a foreign game show despite not understanding either the questions or answers, 4% were brave enough to knock on a local’s door and ask to watch their television and 6% travelled to a neighbouring town in search of a TV screen.

However, these extreme TV holiday tactics will soon be a thing of the past, from April 1st the EU’s introduction of new portability rules for online content services will mean Brits can stream their favourite TV unrestricted across the EU. That’s good news for the 59% of Brits that long for TV on their holidays.

“Stream your favourite TV anywhere in the EU contract free with a NOW TV Pass, choose from Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports or Kids.” – NOW TV

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