EastEnders fans haven’t seen the last of Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway as actor Tony Clay returns to filming with the BBC saga.

“I’m really happy and excited to be back on EastEnders and working with such a brilliant cast and crew,” notes Tony Clay whose hapless alter-ego will be back on screen in the coming weeks.

Halfway was first seen back in January when he partook in the New Year’s Day heist and accidentally shot Mick.

A friend of the family, Mick and Linda allowed Halfway to stay with them and their new house guest soon got them out of a spot of bother when he donated a ring he had pocketed during the heist to save the Vic.

The New Year’s Day heist went awry when Halfway put a bullet in Mick’s arm

During his time in The Vic, Halfway fell for Whitney and despite her reservations, she soon realised her mutual feelings.

With Halfway called back to duty by the army, the couple have kept in touch via webcam chats but what does Halfway’s return mean for their future? Halfway is due back on screen later this spring, the beeb say.

“Halfway is such a lovely role to play and I’m really looking forward to exploring his story further and seeing where it takes us.” – Tony Clay

Halfway wooed Whitney who eventually succumbed to his charms

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