Classic EastEnders character Dr Legg is making a return to the soap, eleven years after viewers last saw him on their screens.

Appearing in the very first episode of EastEnders back in 1985, Dr Legg served as Walford’s local GP until his retirement in 1997 and has since made a number of one-off appearances in the show.

“I am very happy to be back at EastEnders and am looking forward to working with June and the rest of the cast and crew again.” – Leonard Fenton

During his time in the Square, Dot Branning (June Brown) was a constant in his professional life due to her many – often exaggerated – health complaints. Despite Dot being a handful as a patient, she and Dr. Legg were firm friends. She held the doctor in high regard and will no doubt be thrilled to be back in contact with him again.  

Doctor Legg is returning to Albert Square after an absence of eleven years.

Albert Square’s former GP will make his return to Walford with old friend Dot Branning.

Leonard has returned to filming and will be on screen this autumn, the BBC note.

EastEnders Executive Consultant John Yorke said that having Fenton back is “a huge honour” and teased the plotline bringing him back to screens is “exciting and emotional”.

“It’s been eleven years since Dot last visited her favourite doctor, Doctor Legg, and it’s an utter delight to be working with Leonard Fenton again in 2018.” – June Brown

Dr Legg was last seen in 2007 when Dot visited him for advice.

The former family GP of the Fowlers paid his respects at Mark Fowlers’ funeral in 2004.

Fenton was last seen in EastEnders back in 2007 when Dot visited him for advice after taking home a baby she had found abandoned in a church. Earlier short-term appearances include for Mark Fowler’s funeral in 2004 and when old friend Ethel Skinner was suffering from terminal cancer in 2000. His long-term stint had ended in 1997 though appearances had been getting more infrequent.

A few years ago, Fenton told the Express that he left the soap due to what he believed were some “strange” scripting choices for his character.

“I enjoyed Dr Legg until they began to change the character and gave me strange lines; I was disturbed when, in the script, I misdiagnosed an obvious case of meningitis. Another time in the script, I said to Pete Beale, who kept a fruit and veg stall, ‘This decaying vegetation must be removed!’ I thought, why would I say a pompous thing like that, as I’d known Pete for years?” – Leonard Fenton speaking in 2015

In 2000 Doctor Legg and Dot both shared the pain of Ethel Skinner’s terminal cancer.

1993: Doctor Legg during his original run in EastEnders.
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