Assisted by Rape Crisis, the BBC One saga will explore the subject of consent this autumn.

“I feel honoured to be part of something that, by working alongside Rape Crisis, we all hope can help end the many misconceptions surrounding sexual violence.” – Louisa Lytton

The storyline begins when Ruby (Louisa Lytton) confides in Stacey (Lacey Turner) what happened after a party they both attended the night before. As Stacey supports her friend, it soon becomes clear the perpetrator is telling a very different version of events, sparking a debate amongst the characters on consent.

Viewers won’t see for themselves what happens to Ruby, with the storyline instead focusing on the aftermath which will highlight the ‘complex issues’ that surround sexual violence.  

“It is so vital to the safety of men, women and children to understand sexual violence and not to make assumptions or believe the myths and stereotypes often portrayed. EastEnders have taken this responsibility very seriously and ensured that their portrayal of sexual violence has been thoroughly researched and is based on realism which is, sadly, so prevalent in our country today.” – Yvonne Traynor, CEO Rape Crisis South London

The plot will air this autumn following Ruby’s return to Walford – the beeb announced earlier this year that actress Louisa Lytton had reprised her role as Ruby, who was last seen in 2006.

Rape Crisis worked with Hollyoaks on a storyline about sexual consent in 2016 which saw a plot centre around student, Ellie Nightingale, actress Sophie Porley, and what happened when she went home with a man she had just met, waking up later confused with no recollection of having sex with him.

Ruby will reconnect with Stacey when she reappears in Walford next week 
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