Claire King believes her Corrie miscarriage storyline was limp.

Coronation Street – Claire King as Erica Holroyd, her baby loss storyline ‘could have been better’ she believes.

The actress, best known for her role as Kim Tate in fellow ITV saga Emmerdale, hit out at her time on Coronation Street in an interview with What’s on TV.

“I can hardly remember it, quite honestly. She was a bit stuck on her own because she was a bit of a pinball in a big machine with no family, no ties. She literally had one friend, Liz; they’d run a bar together in Spain when Liz did her walkabout for a few years. I literally was in for 12 episodes and they decided to bring her back and we had the pregnancy storyline, which was a bit of a joke!”

The actress joined the ITV soap’s cast to play Erica Holroyd in 2014 with the character being introduced to viewers as Liz McDonald’s (Beverley Callard) friend from Spain. Erica initially featured in the saga on a recurring basis before becoming a more permanent fixture on the street. She became a firm favourite with fans, forming an unlikely friendship with Mary (Patti Clare) and taming resident lothario Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin).

However, she quit the series in May 2017 after falling out of love with the character she’d played for three years. Claire first criticised how her Corrie alterego had progressed in August last year. Noting on ITV’s This Morning; ‘She changed a bit and I thought, this isn’t the character who originally started.’

January 2017, Michelle miscarries in Coronation Street. The storyline gained much praise. Claire believes her similar storyline could have been just as effective if done correctly.

Claire King is returning to screens as Kim Tate in Emmerdale.

However her biggest criticism comes over the handling of her miscarriage storyline in the ITV Granada produced serial. In the summer of 2017 viewers saw Erica inform Nick Tilsley she was expecting his child, however she later miscarried, but without the plot depth or detail put into the similar plot played out by Kym Marsh.

“It could’ve been a big story. They did it with Kym Marsh afterwards which got a lot of praise, but they just left it at mine and finished it. I felt as though it was cut short a bit, particularly for older women, because it is a topical conversation to have. It could’ve been delved into a lot more. But anyway, I felt that they didn’t really know what to do with the character, so it was just ‘adios!’

Claire returns to ITV Yorkshire’s Emmerdale for a brief stint next week reprising the role of Kim Tate, last seen in the dales based saga nearly twenty years ago. Kim first appeared in the soap back in 1989.

The Tate family of Emmerdale. Claire is to reprise the role of Kim on-screen next week.
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