Last week we asked the readers of ATV Today to tell us who they’d like to see hosting ITV breakfast’s low rating Daybreak to improve its fortunes.

While many suggested it isn’t the presenters that is the problem or the set, the two things ITV are changing, it is in fact the format of the programme which is at fault according to viewers.

We also found that the paring of Helen Fospero and John Stapleton last week also proved popular with viewers, however, they were not in the list but have been suggested by a number of readers as the perfect hosts to a show which lives in the shadow of more popular predecessors TV-am and GMTV.

Out of the choices in our poll, in reverse order:

In last place we had ATV Today’s agony aunts Queenie and Vivian with 2% of the vote. They will be pleased at the number of people voting for them was in at least double figures.

Not far behind and only seven votes in it from saving them from last place was the one time golden couple of GMTV Andrew Castle and Emma Crosby with 3%.

Amazingly the axed original hosts of Daybreak, Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley have become, with our readers, more popular than GMTV’s final regulars Andrew and Emma. The former One Show hosts are in 6th place with 5%.

With 7% its Fiona Phillips and Ben Shepherd both proved popular hosts of GMTV in its later years and Phillips has returned to the Daybreak crew in recent times to fill-in for sister show Lorraine.

The stars of The Muppet Show were your next choice. Possibly voted for by those who don’t take Daybreak very seriously. Well, not many people do at the moment. With 15% Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy the Pig were placed 4th.

In third place its ITV’s new choice of hosts current Lorraine show presenter Lorraine Kelly who has also fronted TV-am and GMTV and Songs of Praise anchor Aled Jones who is making his breakfast TV debut on Daybreak. They gained 16% of your votes.

Penny Smith and John Stapleton were the second most popular choice to front Daybreak with 22%. Penny joined GMTV a few months after its launch in 1993 and John is a breakfast stalwart having been part of TV-am, Breakfast Time and GMTV previously. John currently is one of a rotation of faces on Daybreak.

ATV Today readers with votes well into three figures placed the current Daybreak hosts as the ones they’d most like to see remain with the show. Dan Lobb and Kate Garraway who narrowly forged ahead of John and Penny with 27%.

The new-look Daybreak with Aled and Lorraine begins later this year on ITV.

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