The drama continues next week down in Hollyoaks Village.

“Maxine goes to The Dog for New Year celebrations and ‘celebrates’ far too much! She’s upset after arguing with Damon and ends up flirting with Zack to make him jealous.” – Nikki Sanderson, who plays Maxine Minniver

Next week on Hollyoaks, the fabulously named Maxine Minniver is back from America, and is excited to spend some time with Damon.

However, she soon discovers that he will be lying on the stand for Brody in Buster’s trial, and she confronts him about it, which leads to an argument. To cheer her up, Sienna and Liberty convince her to take centre stage in The Dog and perform in a girl band. She is on a mission to make Damon jealous, even flirting with unlikely candidate Zack..

“[Maxine’s New Years’ resolution should be] to be less trusting and more aware. She is always getting herself caught up in sticky situations because she dives in head first and doesn’t think.” – Nikki Sanderson, who plays Maxine Minniver

Meanwhile, swept away in the storm, Harry has returned in the New Year on a mission to win back his true love, James Nightingale. However, he certainly has some grovelling to do, but it seems there are still feelings there, as they plan to move in together. Romeo is on self-destruct mode after being dumped by Lily, and kicked out by Mac. He rocks up at Yazz’s house ready for a wild party, and no one can stop him, not even Sami…

“They had a little fall out before New Year’s Eve, but it’s definitely not over between the pair. Obviously, Maxine is keeping her guard up, as she has been hurt so many times in the past, but she likes Damon and wants it to work.” – Nikki Sanderson, who plays Maxine Minniver


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