E4 viewers were surprised by the turn of events in tonight’s episode.

Louis is a little tied up at the moment…

In the E4 ‘first look’ screening of Hollyoaks viewers saw how Simone had turned up at the pig farm to confront Breda over for interfering in hers and Louis’ business, while Louis frantically tried to break free from the ties that had bound him to his wheelchair.

Breda tried to explain herself to Simone and was relieved when Simone seemed to accept her excuses and offered her a lift back to Hollyoaks. Louis managed to shout out to Simone as she left with Breda on the drive away, however he was left alone at the pig farm. With the help of a broken tea cup, Louis was able to free himself from the wheelchair, but his escape was thwarted by the return of an unimpressed Breda.

However, Louis was surprised when Breda took him back to his bedroom and apologised for tying him up – she just didn’t think he was ready to see Simone and was worried that he might say something stupid like he still has feelings for her. Breda agreed to let him go, as soon as he proves that he only wants to be with Leela and Daniel.

Breda, like a pig in…

Meanwhile, Simone was desperate to find Louis and confided in Martine that Louis is part of her. They were interrupted by a phone call from Louis but Simone was left heartbroken when his response to her revealing her feelings to him was to pledge his future to Daniel and Leela, unaware that he was doing it to appease Breda.

Later, as Breda packed Louis’s things, she sought reassurance that he’s not going to tell anyone about her tying him up. Louis promised her he won’t, but spotting the piece of paper that has her killer confession on, which fell behind Louis’ bed, Breda realised that everything Louis has been saying is just to keep her sweet so that she’ll let him go home.

His demise is brought on by death by telephone; when she bangs him over the bonce with one. Elsewhere, Simone was packing her bags and tells Martine that she’s leaving Hollyoaks, but will she go? She wishes Louis nothing but happiness, unaware that Breda has just disposed of his body, leaving his empty leg braces and wheelchair behind.

“My Hollyoaks experience has been great, it exceeded all of my expectations. In terms of the people who work there, the love that everyone shows each other is fantastic. The crew are amazing and there’s so much generosity in that building for the work that’s being done. Obviously some of my best times have been working with Jacqui (Boatswain, who plays Simone), Duayne (Boachie, who plays Zack), Kiza (Deen, who played Sonia) and Rachel (Adedeji, who plays Lisa) – I was lucky and blessed.” – Karl Collins

Karl’s last episode aired tonight on E4 at 7pm, but can be viewed again on Tuesday 22nd January at 6:30pm on Channel 4.

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