More details revealed on Deveraux family boost for Hollyoaks

More members of the Deveraux family head to Hollyoaks in tonight’s E4 episode.

Martine will see her father and son head to the village to join her.

“Walter believes he is the ‘man who does no wrong’. He is very strict with his family as he only sees in black and white, and genuinely believes he knows best. Since joining Hollyoaks it’s been a whirlwind my feet have hardly touched the ground… what with family back in London, learning the pace, and meeting lots of new faces.” – Trevor A Toussaint

Hollyoaks will have two new residents this New Year… Martine Deveraux’s father, Walter – played by Trevor A Toussaint – and her son, Mitchell – played by Imran Adams. Channel 4 announced in December that the Deveraux family would be expanded, with today production company Lime Pictures revealing more on the latest additions to the village regulars

Tonight Martine’s family is expanding with the arrival of her doctor son Mitchell, who sparks a new romance with a member of the McQueen family. Martine’s stern and deeply religious father will also be moving to the village, much to her dismay. Mitchell Deveraux will be played by Imran Adams. Imran describes Mitchell as “popular new guy in town” A cool, calm and collected trainee doctor with a strict upbringing but a big heart.

Martine has invited her son, Mitchell to stay with her in Hollyoaks since being fired from her job as a flight attendant. However, she isn’t expecting her father, Walter to arrive with him. Martine hasn’t told Lisa that Mitchell and Walter will be staying with them and Lisa is furious when she returns home, wanting the flat to herself, only to find there are two more people there. 

Trevor’s theatre credits include ‘Death of a Salesman’ and ‘Guys ‘n’ Dolls’. His TV credits include ‘Death In Paradise’ on BBC in 2016, and he has also previously appeared in various ad campaigns, most notably ‘Old Jamaica Ginger Beer’ from 2009 to 2011. Imran has previously featured in British-African sitcom ‘Meet the Adebanjos’.

“Joining Hollyoaks has been a rollercoaster of a ride so far but it’s been a lot of fun and the whole team have been so welcoming. I have a huge respect for Hollyoaks actors and I’m proud and grateful to currently be one. I’m not sure our amazing viewers know how much hard work everyone puts into each and every episode from both actors and the crew. It really is “Acting Athletics” but I love it!” – Imran Adams

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with a ‘first-look’ episode at 7pm on E4.

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