Some old faces return to the East End to say farewell to the popular Doctor Harold Legg.

“EastEnders was my first proper family. It gave me stability and a fantastic foundation from which to build an incredible life. The people of EastEnders have been a consistent thread throughout the intervening years. I am so thrilled, and very proud to be returning to that family 35 years later. It’s going to be a blast!” – Linda Davidson

After 30 years away from Walford, Mary ‘The Punk’ Smith, her now grown-up daughter Annie and George ‘Lofty’ Holloway return to Albert Square. Dot and Sharon are thrilled to see them and as they all reminisce about Harold Legg, Walford’s favourite GP.

Dr Legg returned to EastEnders in 2018 and broke the devastating news to his friend Dot Branning (June Brown) that he had terminal pancreatic cancer. He will succumb to the disease in Friday’s (15th February) episode with Lofty, Mary and Annie being seen next week as he is laid to rest.

Having been Walford’s GP for over a decade, it’s not only the current residents of Albert Square that want to say farewell. Three decades since they were last seen in Walford, Linda Davidson and Tom Watt have reprised their roles, guest starring in one episode to pay their final respects to Doctor Legg. The news of their return was revealed by the Beeb back in December.

“I was delighted John Yorke asked me if I would return to EastEnders for Doctor Legg’s funeral. Doctor Legg is an iconic character so it feels fitting that Lofty should return to say goodbye. I have nothing but good memories from my time on EastEnders so it will be lovely to set foot back in Albert Square all these years later.” – Tom Watt

Lofty with Sharon and Dot.

Mary with Sharon, Lofty and Dot. Kathy watches from the bar.

Walford’s original wild child, Mary rocked up in Albert Square with her baby daughter Annie in March 1985. She had shunned her conservative family to become a punk rock groupie, falling pregnant with Annie during this time. An early controversial character, Mary went on to prostitute herself to make ends meet and left Annie home alone on numerous occasions to the concern of their neighbours. Mary later dabbled in drugs and was last seen giving Albert Square the finger after boarding a bus.

Ex-soldier Lofty rented a room above Legg’s surgery and worked as a bartender at The Vic, having been forced out of the army by his chronic asthma. He is best remembered for being stood up at the altar by gymslip mum Michelle Fowler (Susan Tully) after offering to help raise her baby daughter, Vicky. Michelle and Lofty did eventually tie the knot, but the marriage imploded after just one year when Lofty found out that Michelle had aborted their baby behind his back. Lofty left the Square to take up a job in a children’s home.

As they were: Mary and Lofty back in the 1980s.

Harold Legg returned to Albert Square in October, having revealed a terminal illness to old friend Dot Branning.

The EastEnders farewell to Doctor Legg episode airs Tuesday 19th February 2019. Viewers can see the character alive and well over on UKTV’s Drama channel, weekeday afternoons in the Classic EastEnders repeats.

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