Together TV looks at the legends of sport next month.

George Best.

“A beautifully crafted series now aired for the first time in the UK.” – Together TV

What makes an immortal legend out of a sport star? Ronaldo, Maradona, Mohammed Ali, George Best, David Beckham and Michael Schumacher. They all had what it takes to transform their sports careers into a journey carved into history inspiring millions of people around the world.

Starting early next month on the channel, British Sporting Greats looks at the professional life and times of the personalities as well as the events that shaped their lives.

Arguably the most interesting of all the stars featured is the late George Best, a hugely talented footballer who reached the top but personal problems saw his longevity in the world of football cut short. An addiction to boozing also sadly cut his life short too. Equally as tragic is the story of racing car icon Michael Schumacher who was, a few years ago, seriously injured in a skiing accident in the French Alps.

There has been less off-screen dramas for footballer David Beckham, who has created along with his ex-Spice Girl wife Victoria ‘brand Beckham’ a multi-million pound venture that ranges from fashion to perfumes.

British Sporting Greats starts on April 9th at 9pm on Together TV, Freeview channel 89, Sky 194, Virgin Media 269 and Freesat 164.

“This series delves into the story of giants of all sports. Iconic figures who got through tough times and gold times, becoming the timeless legends they are now.” – Together TV

David Beckham.
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