… and it wasn’t James Nightingale

Breda had promised evil Mac (David Easter) that she would kill his son for him, but it was Mac himself who became Breda’s latest ‘Bad Dad’ victim.

In tonight’s ‘first-look’ E4 screening, Marnie and Harry found James slumped on a bench in the village, while Mac was gleeful after receiving a picture from Breda which apparently showed James dead. At the hospital, it was touch-and-go for James and it was quickly established that he had been poisoned. Mac was the prime suspect, and Romeo was left seething.

Meanwhile, Breda visited Mac to check that he’s not going to keep on blackmailing her. Mac insisted on scoffing the lasagne she had made for Marnie and Harry, and as he did so, he referred to James as ‘the weak member of the litter’ while bigging up Juliet, much to Breda’s disgust.

Soon, Mac began to feel unwell, and it became clear that Breda had tampered with the pasta dish.

Breda told Mac that she never had any intention of killing James and that the world is going to be a better place without him. As Breda made to leave, Mac blocked her exit, before Breda whacked him round the bonce with the lasagne dish.

Back at the hospital, it was good news for James as he came round. James told Harry he loved him, while Romeo managed to slip away. Romeo headed for Mac’s place intent on revenge, but he was horrified to find his granddad lying lifeless on the stairs. As he checked Mac’s pulse, Romeo got blood on his hands and made the foolish mistake of wiping it off on his jumper, before fleeing the scene.

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