This Spring Emmerdale will break with tradition by telling a story in two parts, two weeks apart.

The first part kick off next week (20th – 26th April) when some of the residents of the village head into Hotten for a ‘Big Night Out’.

Determined to let their hair down for a host of reasons, Leyla, Priya, David, Tracy, Maya, Kerry, Rhona, Victoria, Ellis, Aaron, Robert and Bernice head to a nightclub for a night out on the tiles.

“It’s a night of huge revelations and unexplained outcomes. No one will be quite sure of what exactly has happened…” – ITV

As the villagers party away they are sent into a haywire of confusion when the fire alarm goes off and they’re evacuated into the street. Once outside confusion reigns amongst the villagers and the game is finally up for Maya as she and Jacob are caught by one of the girls.

Meanwhile, Rhona is smarting after feeling jealous over Pete and meets a handsome stranger whilst Victoria struggles to locate her friends in the confusion outside the club, leading to dramatic consequences. 

Two weeks later (Week 19: 4th – 10th May) the show will – with the aid of flashbacks – take the audience back to that night and finally reveal what really happened and why lives will be changed forever.

Earlier this month, The Sun reporting on these very episodes revealed that Victoria Sugden – played by Isobel Hodgins – would be raped during a night out with the attack “sending her down a dark path”.

“Paedo Maya will finally be outed. But the bombshell is Victoria will get raped in a horror twist that will send her down a dark path. The night also sees a stabbing. There will be blood and violence to grip the Dales as they go dark to compete with their soap rivals,” a source told the paper

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