Susan Cookson to appear in Emmerdale

There’s an unexpected arrival for Victoria this summer in Emmerdale.

“I am thrilled and delighted to be joining the community, both on and off screen, that is Emmerdale. I am also excited about tackling all the gritty and emotional storylines that are ahead for my character Wendy. I’m thrilled to be playing such a fantastic character.” – Susan Cookson

ITV Yorkshire have given viewers a look ahead into one of next months storylines in Emmerdale as further trouble looms large for Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) when rapist Lee’s mother, Wendy, to be played by esteemed actress Susan Cookson makes an appearance in the village in defence of her son.

The question now on fans minds is whether Wendy knows that Victoria is pregnant with Lee’s baby and if she doesn’t know about the child-to-be how would she react to the news?

In early May Victoria, supported by mother-in-law Moira, having broken down decided to report the rape to the police. In the same episode she also took the step to inform the rest of her family about the attack and the added news she was pregnant with her rapist’s baby. At the time tabloids including The Liverpool Echo noted how ‘many fans were blown away by her news, some felt it was very unrealistic as it had only been six days since the assault.’ 

Victoria was sexually attacked in her home following a ladies night out in April. A flashback sequence, when she revealed all, showed The Woolpack chef seen taking off her eyelashes after getting home and turning round to see someone had come into her bedroom.

The Sun newspaper first noted of the plot ‘They’ve got a gritty storyline around a big night out where loads of the ladies go clubbing. Paedo Maya will finally be outed. But the bombshell is Victoria will get raped in a horror twist that will send her down a dark path.’ 

“Susan is a fabulous addition to the cast and we are delighted to have welcomed her onto the Emmerdale team. She is a brilliant actor and we can’t wait for the drama Wendy brings to play out.” – Executive Producer Jane Hudson

Susan is probably best known for her role as Dr Maggie Coldwell in Casualty
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