Uriel Emil joins the long-running BBC One medical drama this Autumn as new paramedic Lev.

“I feel privileged and honoured to be part of the Casualty clan and I hope the viewers will enjoy the fresh angle explored through my storyline”. – Uriel Emil

The character has been billed as ‘steely and tough but gentle at heart’.

Lev certainly makes an entrance on his first day on the job when he becomes embroiled in a scrap with someone outside the ambulance station with Jan and Ruby coming across the clash. 

The Beeb add that the new arrival – a devoted family man – will have his world rocked on all fronts in the coming year. 

“Uriel brings a fantastic, exciting energy to the table in his portrayal of the troubled Lev. As a Russian paramedic with a stormy past he’s a really fresh and unique character in the Casualty mix, and I’m so looking forward to the audience getting to know him in what’s going to be an explosive series.” – Simon Harper, Executive Producer

Uriel will make his first on screen appearance as Lev later this month. 

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