While an abandoned wedding and a siege at The Vic were the biggest talking points of last week’s EastEnders, viewers were also given a mysterious new arrival on which to ponder.

Viewers caught their first glimpse of Leo at Callum and Whitney’s wedding that never was

Leo – played by actor Tom Wells – was first seen at Callum and Whitney’s ill-fated wedding where it was obvious Bianca (Patsy Palmer) recognised him as she quickly ushered Tiffany (Maisie Smith) away.

In tonight’s (9th September) visit to Albert Square, Leo turned up in Walford and Bianca was none too pleased to see him engaged in conversation with Tiffany again. Bianca furiously warned Leo to go away; however, he remained in the vicinity leading to a second confrontation between the pair during which viewers learnt that he is Tony King’s son, Leo king.

Tom Wells has previously starred in Doctors and Bancroft.

“I’m really excited to be joining the EastEnders team and seeing what’s in store for Leo. He’s definitely a man not to be trusted and I can’t wait to see him settle into Walford, it’s going to be fun.” – Tom Wells

Bianca was unaware that Tony even had a son until he sought her out a while ago and it was made clear the pair have had a previous run-in, as he goaded her about attacking him and her recent spell in prison.

Tom Wells has taken on the role of Leo who has some scores to settle

Although seemingly charming, Bianca knows Leo is desperate to posthumously clear his father’s name, deluded of his innocence. Not only that, when Leo learnt that his grandparents gave Bianca money after everything that happened with Tony, it set him on a mission to get back what he thinks is rightfully his.

As Bianca threatened him to leave the Square, will Leo heed the warning?

“Bianca’s return sparks a gripping new story with the arrival of Leo King – a dark and misguided figure who has grown up with the stigma of being the son of a convicted paedophile. We are thrilled to welcome Tom to the Square, knowing he will bring depth and complexity to the role of Leo, a man who believes his father has been wronged and who will also go to great lengths to prove it.” – Jon Sen, Executive Producer

Evil Tony (Chris Coghill) groomed and sexually abused Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), his partner Bianca’s stepdaughter, between the ages of 12 and 16. The sickening crime saw him imprisoned for 13 years in 2009 and it was later revealed that he had committed suicide in prison.

Convicted paedophile Tony King
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