Coronation Street will air heart-breaking scenes next week as Sinead Osbourne loses her battle with cancer.

Daniel is forced to say goodbye to the love of his life and face the future as a single dad.

The emotional storyline has seen Sinead, played by Katie McGlynn, come to terms with the fact that she will never see her son Bertie grow up following an aggressive reoccurrence of her cancer.

“Cancer in pregnancy is a subject that few understand and even less realise happens to 2 women a day in the UK, so to have been asked by the Coronation Street team to work with them in advising on the storyline over the last 12 months with Rob and Katie has been both a pleasure and a wonderful opportunity. They have listened to first hand accounts from women, asked for so much advice and this has been reflected so professionally and realistically on screen through their portrayal of Sinead and Daniel’s harrowing experiences.” – Pete Wallroth, CEO of Mummy’s Star, one of two charities who advised Corrie on the plot

The young mum was first diagnosed with cervical cancer in October 2018.

Fearing that treatment for the disease would harm their unborn child, she had to be talked into having chemotherapy by Daniel (Rob Mallard). But with her fears persisting, Sinead temporarily stopped the treatment and looked into alternative therapies instead. She later recommenced the treatment and appeared to be responding well to it – being told in July that a cancerous growth had shrunk with no signs of the disease spreading.

However, Sinead wasn’t to catch much of a break. She noticed a lump on her neck last month as she was about to marry Daniel and when the couple had it checked out, they were given the worst possible news.

“Daniel and Sinead have been on and off for two and a half years, so obviously I am very sad to be losing Katie on set. We’ve had so many intense scenes and shared so much emotion that we’ve developed a real bond with one another. Daniel and Sinead’s relationship has been so believable and real. I find it quite difficult to switch off after emotional scenes, I feel so drained after a scene that’s involved a lot of crying, so I guess the grieving process you see on screen will be a lot easier to play because Daniel’s sad that Sinead’s gone, and I’m devastated that I’m not working with Katie.” – Rob Mallard

As well as Sinead facing her own mortality, viewers have also seen the effect the terminal diagnosis has had on Daniel who has been struggling to hold it together.

“When we filmed our last scenes it felt real. I know what a terrific actor Rob is and how he’s going to play the next part of this story without me, and I just feel sorry for Daniel’s character. It’s going to be the end of an era because I’ve really enjoyed working with him.” – Katie McGlynn

The soap has confirmed that Daniel will seek comfort in the arms of Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) before Sinead passes away.

Keen to create lasting memories for son Bertie’s future, Daniel stages an early Christmas with the family. But when a row breaks out as Daniel insists it’s time for Sinead to rest, she sees red and tells him to get out. Battling his emotions Daniel goes for some air where he bumps into Bethany, who’s desperate to comfort a heartbroken Daniel.

Bethany’s been harbouring a crush for her writing mentor for some time and when he goes in for a kiss she responds passionately, however, the moment is broken when Ken (William Roache) rounds the corner and orders Daniel to return home to his dying wife. Filled with self loathing, will Daniel tell Sinead the truth about his clinch with Bethany or is it a secret that will go to the grave?

The kiss will be aired next Monday with the final chapter of the storyline playing out in a half hour episode on Thursday 24th October, and an hour long one on Friday 25th October on ITV/STV/UTV.

“Nine women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day in the UK and if caught early it is a very treatable cancer so it is fantastic that the programme has been able to raise awareness of the disease. Sadly Sinead has an advanced diagnosis. We have been working very closely with Coronation Street on this incredibly moving and poignant storyline over the last year to ensure it is portrayed as accurately and sensitively as possible. If you have concerns about your own health then please do get in touch as we can answer your questions and provide support at every step.” – Rebecca Shoosmith, Head of Support Services, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

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