Ellen Taylor spoke to Conversation Street podcast about the soap’s transmission pattern.

A writer on Coronation Street thinks that the show could follow in Emmerdale‘s footsteps by airing seven episodes a week.

But Ellen Taylor, who has written for the soap since 2010, doesn’t necessarily think that it would be a good thing.

“Increased volume isn’t always a good thing,” Taylor told the podcast. “It’s more work for everyone. Is it best in the long run? I don’t know.”

Taylor went on to opine that the soap is unlikely to see a reduction in its output pointing to Emmerdale frequently airing seven times a week as an indication of where things could be headed.

“We’re never going to go back down. Emmerdale are already at seven episodes so you know it’s going to happen at some point,”

Speaking further about the impact extra episodes can have she revealed,

“You need more cast and a bigger set. Also, it throws up challenges, for me, in terms of stories, and not always good ones if I’m honest. That’s because when you have six episodes, particularly with our transmission pattern, it’s like you have to ramp up the story very quickly.”

Coronation Street is currently on six times a week with two episodes airing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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