Corrie chaos with quadruplets

Acorn Antiques only had to deal with triplets.

Gemma gave birth to quadruplets in Coronation Street.

A tabloid reports that ITV Granada crews are struggling to record scenes due to eight babies in the Corrie studio for the quadruplets storyline.

Aled, Carys, Lilo and Bryn were born to Gemma and Chesney and while there is only four babies in the plot, eight are required to rotate during filming so that none of the children are over-worked.

“They have to have more than just four babies and have stand-ins for legal reasons so they can rotate. The problem is the babies start crying and the filming gets delayed. One starts crying then the others all follow. There are strict time limits allowed for each scene but the delays because of the babies is getting to crew members.” – an ITV Studios source quoted by The Sun

One Coronation Street staff member was noted as saying that they go to the Granada studios based at Salford Quays to ‘get away’ from their own children and now have to ‘put up’ with someone else’s.

“After several attempts recently to film some scenes they ran out of time that they have legally allowed to have minors on set. It’s a nightmare. Another problem is that when the babies are on set and they start crying their mothers aren’t allowed to comfort their crying child as they can’t be allowed on set during filming as it’s against union rules.” – an ITV Studios source quoted by The Sun

Corrie revealed in the storylines back in June 2019 that Gemma and Chesney were expecting four babies with birth scenes airing in October last year which drew much amusement from ITV viewers when they observed that the character had ‘done a Daphne from Neighbours‘ and given birth with her leggings on.

A recent scene however drew complaints from viewers when Gemma and the babies lives were put in danger following a deliberate fire being started at the front door of Number 5.

Coronation Street airs on ITV, STV and UTV in the UK.

Chesney helped Gemma give birth through her leggings.

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