One to Watch: This week in Shieldinch…Robbie sees the dark side of Will; Leyla’s drinking gets worse; and Big Bob pushes his family away.

Robbie and Will are celebrating two months of being together and are both on could nine with their relationship. Walking to work Robbie accidentally mentions the marriage word and Will makes a sharp exit – but it’s only because he has been distracted by a work call. Robbie immediately thinks the worst and confides to his friends that he might have ruined everything. When Will turns up at Robbie’s work and asks him to lunch, Robbie decides to play it cool and say he is too busy. However, he realises he has made a mistake and organises to meet him at the Tall Ship. Robbie assumes he is about to be dumped but Will has a much happier gesture planned – he wants them to get married. Just as everything is falling perfectly into place, a small disagreement between them, turns into much more.

The Brodie household is in usual chaos and Leyla is still in bed. Conor throws a ball at Adeeb in the kitchen, who stumbles and hits his head on a chair. This soon gets Leyla up and she tries to help Adeeb – but it’s clear he is not too pleased with his mum and her recent behaviour. Leyla tries to make an effort and even sends Nicole and Stevie off to the cinema while she prepares dinner. However, Leyla is soon opening the wine as she cooks and, when she passes out, the dinner is still on the hob.

Tattie is keen to start volunteering at a women’s refuge but Big Bob thinks they should be looking after each other first after the year they have had. Tattie agrees and hands over Bob’s salad for his lunch. At work, Bob is struggling to lift things and he needs Dan’s help to put a crisp box up on a high shelf. When their attention is turned, some boys steal a couple of bags of crisps, and manage to get away. When Iona returns and realises a whole box is missing, Bob blames the boys – but Tattie soon realises Bob might have helped himself to a few bags himself.

Tattie is played by Magdalena Kaleta, Silvie by Kirstin McLean, Sean by James Cunningham, Molly by Una McLean, Will by Scott Ryan Vickers, Robbie by Gary Lamont, Iona by Claire Knight, Tom by Duncan Pow and Hayley by Pamela Byrne.

BBC One Scotland 8.00PM

Please note, viewers outside Scotland can access this programme on Sky Channel 971, Freesat Channel 960, Virgin Media Channel 862 or the BBC’s iPlayer service –

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