EastEnders star Kellie Bright has insisted that her alter-ego Linda Carter, who’s currently in the throes of alcoholism, still loves her husband Mick.

Linda knocked her spouse, played by Danny Dyer, for six when she served him with divorce papers in tonight’s (7th February) episode of the BBC soap.

Sharon had convinced her friend to make a go of her marriage, but Linda’s reconciliatory mood proved to be short-lived when she discovered that Mick was making plans to sell The Vic.

After seeking legal advice from Gray, a drunk Linda returned to The Vic and dropped the bombshell on Mick that she was divorcing him.

I’ve instructed my solicitor to begin divorce proceedings. This marriage is over,” Linda slurred at Mick after describing their relationship as an ‘old habit’.

The scene is sure to evoke memories of Den Watts presenting his long-suffering wife Angie with a divorce petition in the very same spot during EastEnders‘ mid-80s heyday.

But has Linda really fallen out of love with Mick? The actress who plays her doesn’t think so.

“I think it’s hard when you’re in the grips of something like that to be around people who are like a mirror to you and who know you so well. [Linda] doesn’t want to be loved; she hates herself. It’s not like she doesn’t love him, she may say she doesn’t but she does.” – Kellie Bright, talking about the latest twists in her storyline

On Linda seeking a divorce, Kellie added: “Linda is not herself at the moment, everything is clouded by her alcohol addiction and dependency. She’s got herself into a completely paranoid state. She’s convinced Mick is out to take Ollie, her home and everything away from her. I think she believes in that moment it’s the only thing she can do to take back some power. In her sober heart, I don’t think it’s what she wants.”

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8.00pm on BBC One.

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