In this edition of Editor Reports Doug Lambert looks at where the beeb are attempting to save money, and asks if the right options are being taken.

Yesterday the BBC revealed where planned cuts would take place with BBC Two’s daytime schedules axed, another round of job losses, BBC Three relocating to Salford and cuts in drama for BBC Four. With all the proposed cuts now outlined I wonder if you agree with where the beeb are cutting down or if you think, like me, the corporation has got it wrong.

BBC One and BBC Radio 4 will be spared the majority of the cuts but other channels and services won’t be so lucky. BBC Two’s daytime schedule will be axed and more repeats will air on the channel. BBC Three and BBC Four’s drama budgets will be cut while the youth channel will relocate to Salford.  BBC Radio 3 faces hefty cuts with concerts axed and other cutbacks. BBC News will also face cuts too – that’s just a brief round up of the cuts.

So now we know where the BBC wants to make the cuts I ask is the corporation cutting in the right place? Will the proposed cuts do more damage than good? Will they ruin the character of the BBC? Or are they in the right places and cutting back necessary fat? I’d say it can’t help the corporation and certainly doesn’t give viewers value for money.

Personally the layer upon layer of pointless management is where cost cutting needs to take place – behind the scenes not on the broadcast level. After all how many under managers, side managers and left to right managers does one department need? I’ve been at the end of BBC bureaucracy, and its the only organisation that is such a pain to deal with. ITV, Channel 4, Sky, Channel 5 and UKTV all offer up services as requested – the beeb – our dear publicly funded body – are often as arsey as hell, and it takes 20 levels of management to get the problems rectified, so lets cut the red tape, cut the management levels and get it to a level that clearly works for ITV and other networks.

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