The hunt is on to find the family of the late Australian radio producer Reg Hepworth who produced many much-loved radio serials through his company Hepworth Productions during the golden days of radio drama.

Left: Thelma Scott on the cover at The Australian Woman’s Mirror, she starred in The House That Margaret Built for Hepworth Productions. Middle: Victoria Queen of England was a hit for radio station 3UZ. Right: Thelma Scott in a publicity still for The House That Margaret Built.

UPDATE: 11th February 2020: We are pleased to report that Reg Hepworth’s estate has been located.

Theatrical agent and regular ATV Today correspondent Darren Gray says, “A colleague of mine is trying to locate the family of the late Reg Hepworth for a potential upcoming project. Reg was a pioneer of Australian radio drama whose shows were enjoyed by thousands of listeners and I do hope that this call for help will be able to trace his descendants.”

Reg’s many productions included The House That Margaret Built starring Thelma Scott which followed a family who sailed from England to Australia and lived through the turbulent historical events which took place from 1855 to 1945 including two World Wars. Strange Destiny dramatised the true story of Lady Hester Stanhope who left social and political eminence in England to set up a court among the Arabs of the Middle East, and Limelight and Shadow recounted the love affair between King George IV and actress Mary Darby.

Other Hepworth Radio hits included Johnny October in which listeners met a boy abandoned at birth who struggled to find his place in the world, and The Louise Conway Story followed the beautiful daughter of a millionaire who had to rebuild her life after being disfigured in a boating accident. The Tender Heart followed the adventures of a nurse working in a small Australian town, Voyage from Bombay had audiences on the edge of their seats, and Victoria Queen of England starred Neva Carr Glyn as the ruler of the mighty British Empire.

Reg Hepworth’s prolific output also included fondly remembered serials such as The Black Mantilla, Clair De Lune, Hold Back Tomorrow, Indian Summer, In This My Life, and Transatlantic Liner.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the family of the late Reg Hepworth can email Darren Gray, (click here).

Left: It was action all the way on a Voyage from Bombay. Right: Limelight and Shadow on 2UW was essential listening for every woman at home.

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