Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 5th May

The latest goings on in EastEnders, Hollyoaks and Doctors.

SoapWeek: EastEnders

Kush is worried about Jean’s behaviour and is alarmed to discover that she hasn’t been taking her medication. After a run-in with Suki, Jean takes her anger out on Phil and explodes at him. Later, Kush tries to talk to Jean but she’s having none of it. Worried, Kush goes to desperate lengths to ensure Jean takes her tablets.

Meanwhile, Ian plans a surprise for Sharon but his mind turns elsewhere when he learns what happened to Bobby. Later, Bobby meets up with Dotty and asks her out on a date.

Elsewhere, Phil refuses Linda’s request leaving her more determined than ever to conquer her demons. Denise gives Isaac some home truths.

EastEnders, Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

SoapWeek: Hollyoaks

Tony plans a lunch for Verity to celebrate her new business venture, however, she has already made plans with Edward. Wanting to build a relationship with his sister, Tony invites Edward to lunch with them, and he accepts the invitation.

Meanwhile, Scott has packed Mitchell’s things. Mitchell confesses to Scott that he did intend to go after Felix on the night he was attacked, but changed his mind, which doesn’t reassure Scott. Mitchell begs him for another chance and even proposes, but Scott can’t take anymore.

Elsewhere, Sally has arranged a surprise visit at home for John Paul, from PC Kiss. John Paul wants the floor to swallow him up as Sally makes it obvious that she’s trying to set them up. Cindy has had enough of Tom’s eco-friendly venture at the Bazaar. Brooke and Ollie take matters into their own hands.

Hollyoaks, Tuesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and a ‘first look’ at 7pm on E4.

Doctors Pick of the Plots logo

Rob reveals to Karen that a diversity survey at work suggested he has unconscious bias. Later, Jay prepares to move out but Rob relents, telling him he can stay as long as he follows the rules. Jay is delighted, Karen even more so when she finds out.

Meanwhile, when a large consignment of medical supplies arrives at the Mill, Valerie’s forced to reveal to Bear that Ayesha ordered them. Ayesha refuses to admit the truth to a smug Bear. When she finds out Bear’s ordered new patio furniture Ayesha rants about Bear’s hypocrisy, not realising he can hear it all.

As Bear and Ayesha noisily argue in his office, Zara interrupts, ticking them off for being unprofessional. Sid is unsure about whether Bear and Ayesha are a good match, but Valerie convinces him to continue with their matchmaking efforts.

Doctors, Tuesday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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