Emmerdale star reacts to double-cross twist

Belle Dingle had her boyfriend Jamie Tate arrested for the hit and run on Moira in tonight’s episode of the soap.

Belle’s orchestration of Jamie’s arrest came as a surprise to Emmerdale viewers who thought she’d turned her back on her family for love. But Belle was just biding her time until she had enough evidence to bring Jamie down.

Fooled by her unwavering loyalty towards him, Jamie took Belle to the place where the evidence of the hit and run was hidden. As Cain arrived on the scene with a baseball bat, Belle put herself between the two men and revealed that she had called the police on her boyfriend.

In tonight’s (24th September) episode, Jamie was finally arrested for the crime and was horrified to realise that he had been taken in by Belle.

“Over time Belle obviously realised how awful Jamie can be, he’s done some awful things like not confessing about knocking down Moira,” notes Eden Taylor-Draper who plays Belle. “So with Nate’s help Belle hatched a plan to get more information so she could ultimately go to the police and get him sent down for everything he’s done.”

“I was told it was coming up during lockdown, I got a call to say “what you’re reading is Belle faking and not Belle turning against the Dingles!” Initially I was a little panicked that I was going against my family but it was all the twist.”

“I think it was really hard for her. Even though she hated Jamie and knew he deserved to pay for what he had done I do think feelings for him are still there which makes it even more complicated,” the actress further noted.

“[There is] 100% more to come as it is Jamie Tate after all. I think Belle would be stupid to think he would go down easily. He will have something up his sleeve but maybe something she doesn’t expect…”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV, with an additional episode at 8pm every Thursday. 

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