TV Weekly ‘If you’re from comedy they want to shoot you out of a cannonball’

This week a return for Trisha, a departure from The Voice and Birthday Honours.

Trisha for ITV

There was a report in The Sun this week that claimed ITV bosses are trying to lure back Trisha Goddard into her former morning slot to relaunch the chat show format that it’s been lacking ever since she departed for Channel 5 fifteen years ago.

Over at ITV at the time she was replaced by Jeremy Kyle, who of course was booted off the air for reasons I’m sure we’re all familiar with.

ITV have been trying to work out what to put in the old Jeremy Kyle Show slot ever since they dropped it a year ago. – The Sun

But, that, simply isn’t true. ITV made it quite clear the earlier start of 10 am for This Morning and the moving of Lorraine Kelly’s show to 9 am was the solution to the problem and has been ever since they decided not to replace the old 9.25 am Kyle slot.

The tabloid noted the show will be called Talk to Trisha, and if the pilot is a success it will be on ITV Daytime screens soon. However, if it does return to ITV in this new format we suspect it will air in the 2pm or 3pm slots, not 9 am or 9.25 am.

The talk show on ITV Daytime goes back a long way. In the seventies and eighties, there were various shows including Daytime with Sarah Kennedy and The Time, The Place with Mike Scott and later John Stapleton. The ‘Trisha style’ format arrived initially in the afternoons with Vanessa Feltz in the mid-90s before it moved to the morning slot, and when Vanessa switched to BBC One Trisha stepped in.

Lost voice, but gained a baby

ITV have confirmed this week that following the delightful news Meghan Trainor is pregnant with her first child, she will not be taking part in Series ten of The Voice UK which is due to air in 2021.

“ Huge congratulations to Meghan on the wonderful news she is expecting her first child. Meghan has been a fantastic Coach on The Voice UK and we look forward to seeing Meghan return for the end of Series 9, coming soon to ITV. Everyone at The Voice UK and ITV would like to wish Meghan the very best in 2021 and beyond.” – ITV statement

The broadcaster, however, did confirm that Meghan will be taking part in the semi-final and final of Series nine, as previously announced

No French dancing

Dawn French has spoken about being approached to be a star contestant on the Beeb’s Strictly Come Dancing, however, has never accepted because she thinks she’d be the novelty act following in the dance-steps of those such as John Sergent and Ann Widdecombe.

Talking about the show on her podcast with comedy co-star Jennifer Saunders she noted, “If I did it, I’d want to properly dance. I’d want to be taken seriously and you can’t. At this age, you’re not taken seriously.

“Also, if you’re from comedy they want to shoot you out of a cannonball like Ann Widdecombe. And I don’t want that. I want the nicest dresses, the most elegant other dancer and to take it seriously, and nobody would want that,”

Dancing on Ice latest

Are we up to speed with all the celeb names that have been announced for ITV’s Dancing on Ice 2021? Well, let’s just tick off the list

Last week it was announced Rebekah Vardy, Lady Leshurr and Billie Sheperd would be heading to the glamourous skating rink while previously announced for the series was Myleen Klass, Joe Warren Plant, Denise Van Outen, Faye Brookes, Jason Donovan, Sonny Jay, Skier Graham Bell and athlete Colin Jackson.

This week ITV added to that list of The Bold and the Beautiful Rufus Hound. Speaking of signing up to the ice skating dance contest he said, “I’m doing it for the money… Training starts in a couple of weeks. I’ve spent the last twenty years in the pub mainly!” 

Get it On, bang a gong…

Maureen Lipman, currently a regular fixture in ITV’s Coronation Street has been made a dame in the Queen’s birthday honours it has been announced by the Government.

Lipman, a stalwart of stage, film and television, isn’t the only well-known telly personality to be in the list. Popular cook Mary Berry is also lined up for a damehood. Keep fit expert Joe Wicks has been gifted an MBE while TV-am, GMTV and ITV Daytime mainstay Lorraine Kelly becomes a CBE alongside factual broadcaster Prof Brian Cox.

Its a tuneful celebration for song and theme tune legend Tony Hatch composer of hits such as Downtown, Don’t Sleep in the Subway and theme tunes for shows such as Emmerdale, Sportsnight, Crossroads and Neighbours.

And its a knighthood for Phil Redmond, the former ATV and Southern Television scriptwriter who went on to devise Brookside and Hollyoaks.

Spit Again?

When Spitting Image was announced to be returning in March this year, BritBox revealed they had commissioned two series, so it left us baffled as to why this week BritBox again announced a second series.

And more worrying it seems the press had forgotten all about the original announcement of a second series along with the first only just over six months ago. Anyway, the reason the streaming service probably spun the story out again was to celebrate the fact the satirical puppet series has proved a big success for them with subscribers going through the roof.

Now all they have to hope for is people continue to keep up the subscription when Spitting Image comes to the end of its run.

Getting ready for the big 6-0

Sally Dynevor has said that the cast has begun filming Coronation Street’s 60th-anniversary episode, which will air this December on ITV. The serial had to rethink how they would mark the big celebration following the recent halt to production and different working practices due to the pandemic.

“Brilliantly, we’re starting filming now for the 60th anniversary, and it’s great because it’s a community story. So, everyone’s involved, which is perfect for Coronation Street.

“We’re all coming together and it is a really lovely community story. We started [filming] this week, so that’ll be out on December the ninth, which is really exciting.” 

Sally, who plays Sally Metcalfe on Corrie – and has done since 1986 – spoke to ITV’s Lorraine Kelly about the forthcoming edition that appears to be quite a different direction from the 50th anniversary that saw devastation and destruction across the street via an explosion and subsequent tram crash.

Street Treat

ITV this week were keen to share the news that William Roache and Barbara Knox have returned to the Salford Quays studios to begin filming on Corrie once more.

William, who has been Ken right since episode one, reprised his role along with Barbara – who made her first appearance in 1964 before becoming a regular nine years later. The pair, along with a number of the older cast, including Helen Worth and Sue Nicholls, had to stay away from the production in order to protect them from any chance of catching Covid-19.

Here’s some good news to put a smile on your faces! Coronation Street legends William Roache and Barbara Knox are back filming on the cobbles this week! Who’s excited to see their return ahead of our 60th Anniversary celebrations? – ITV Coronation Street on social media

While it was happy returns for William and Barbara, it has been an emotional time for Simon Gregson on the series as Steve McDonald. Currently, he’s involved in the storyline that has seen onscreen son Oliver dealing with the genetic disorder mitochondrial disease, however, doctors want to stop artificial life following the child becoming unable to breath unaided.

“There are some days when you’re giving it everything. You’re looking at this… child doll in the bed, which is the most lifelike thing you’ve ever seen, reading Mr Men stories to it.

“Then you go home and you’re reading Mr Men stories to your four-year-old straight after. That’s when it’s like, ‘Wow, this is upsetting’ and you need to take a step back.” – Simon Gregson speaking to ITV


Channel 4 really has lost its way hasn’t it? Well, as we’ve said before television is one of the few industries that rewards failure by hiring people who have been disasters for programmes elsewhere.

This currently seems to be the problem with Channel 4 that has turned into some third-rate cable network. To boost its fully unoriginal schedule they have now announced that old BBC One home make-over show Chaning Rooms is being revived.

Davina McCall will host, while original Changing Rooms designer Lawrence Lewellyn-Bowen will be back to ruin more bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.


We said farewell this week to Johnny Nash, the American singer who gave us tracks such as I Can See Clearly (Now The Rain Has Gone) and Tears On My Pillow passed aged 80.

Eddie Van Halen, best known for his music group Van Halen and the song Jump departed aged 65 and Brian Locking, bass guitarist with The Shadows in the sixties passed aged 82.

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