Laura Whitmore has teamed up with Moonpig to create a floral bouquet named ‘The Laura’

TV presenter Laura Whitmore has teamed up with Moonpig to create a floral bouquet named ‘The Laura’.

The bouquet, designed by Laura and Moonpig’s in-house flower team features some of the broadcaster’s favourite flowers and colour pallets. It pays homage to Laura’s vibrant personality and love of yellow florals, featuring big bright yellow gerberas and yellow roses.

Alongside these are dainty flowers such as tanacetum which mimics daisies that grow wild, and dainty foliages green bell and eucalyptus. To bring the bouquet to life, Laura invited Moonpig into her North London home where her dog Mick was eager to get involved in the flower arranging action.

Together they created a video how-to guide on how to keep ‘The Laura’ fresh and blossoming and Laura reveals how she turned green-fingered in lockdown.

“During lockdown, it was very hard to get fresh flowers, there’s something about getting a bunch of flowers that are just extra sentimental and thoughtful,” Laura notes. “There’s nothing nicer than getting someone a bouquet. It doesn’t have to be for a birthday, it can be for no reason at all.

“I love bright colours in my house and yellow is one of my favourite colours for roses, they symbolise friendship and bring me back to certain times in my childhood.”

“One of my favourite things about the bouquet is the amount of stems, it is the perfect size bouquet to divide between two vases.”

‘The Laura’ costs £32 and is available on until 15 January 2021.

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