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Telly Today: from a chihuahua called Bean to a potentially cancerous polyp


Telly Today: from a chihuahua called Bean to a potentially cancerous polyp

Operations, puppies and weapons all form part of Tuesday’s viewing.

Telly Today highlights for Tuesday, October 27th.


For cardiothoracic surgeon Ravi De Silva there’s a fine balance when it comes to his 75-year-old patient Maureen. She feels relatively well even though she has an enlarged aorta; the main vessel for carrying oxygenated blood to the body, but it is in danger of bursting. If it does burst it could be fatal, but the operation to fix it is also extremely high risk.

At neighbouring Addenbrooke’s hospital, consultant surgeon Emmanuel Huguet and his patient also face a difficult choice. Chris has a genetic disorder which makes her susceptible to cancer in her digestive system, and a potentially cancerous polyp has been discovered in her small intestine. The only way to remove it is to have a Whipple’s procedure, a complicated operation involving removing several parts of her digestive system and then rebuilding it.

Addenbrooke’s, consultant neurosurgeon Rod Laing also performs an operation where there’s no room for error: he needs to remove a cavernoma – a tumour-like bundle of abnormal blood vessels sitting near the top of his patient’s spinal cord. The cavernoma could rupture at any time causing severe paralysis or even death. However, there is also a risk that the spinal cord could be damaged during the surgery, causing paralysis from the neck down.

Surgeons: At The Edge Of Life, BBC Two at 9pm


This taboo-busting documentary tells the story of how hair shapes Black experiences in modern Britain.

Academic and writer Emma Dabiri leads the conversation, exploring how afro-textured hair has often been hidden, disguised, plagiarised and stigmatised. Emma talks to men and women about their hair journeys, exploding stereotypes, exploring hair’s extraordinary history, and discussing how the way our hair grows from our heads can shape the direction of our lives. These frank and intimate insights expose a multi-faceted and complex reality.

From looking at the impact of afro-textured hair on popular culture to beauty routines that are a rite of passage and source of empowerment, to feelings of otherness and rejection, the film cracks open a subject that too often has been off-limits.

Showing as part of Channel 4’s programming for Black History Month, which offers an important platform for different aspects of the Black experience in modern Britain.

Hair Power: Me and my Afro, Channel 4 at 10.15pm

Find out more about hair types here (external link)


It’s the last in the six-part documentary which has followed the work of Dyfed-Powys Police officers over the busy summer months as they patrolled the largest police area with the smallest number of officers anywhere in the UK.

In this evening’s episode, it’s the biggest event of the year for Tenby – Ironman Wales is coming to town – but managing thousands of visitors and the race is a challenge for the Harbour Cops.

Filmed before lockdown and following the work of the Dyfed-Powys Police.

Harbour Cops, ITV, STV and UTV at 7.30pm


This Sky Doctumentaires factual is based on David E. Sanger’s book The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage and Fear in the Cyber Age.

The documentary explores the intimidating rise of cyber conflict as the primary way that nations now compete and sabotage each other. As fear mounts about potential cyber-attacks on the 2020 elections, the film will feature exclusive interviews with top military and intelligence officials, as well as new on-the-ground reporting from the frontlines of the cyber wars.

The Perfect Weapon, Sky Documentaires at 9pm


It’s all about the animals tonight on Channel 5 with the arrival of a The Secret Life of Puppies, series 4.

Tonight Labrador pup Pippa is starting her career as a disabled assistant. She will help with practical tasks including learning skills such as pressing buttons, unloading a washing machine and resisiting biscuts.

A couple of tamaskan puppies go on a canoeing holiday in East Anglia while Swedish Valhund Alexa makes a long journey from Enfield to her ancestral home of Scandinavia. Also viewers will meet weimarama pup Jaegar who is to become a therapy dog with the health service. He will be barking under his boss – a chihuahua called Bean.

The Secret Life of Puppies, Channel 5 at 7pm

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