Jonathan Ross welcomes Michael Palin and Kylie Minogue to chat

Best on the Box for Saturday, December 4th takes us to ITV.

On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by Sir Michael Palin, The Masked Singer’s Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan and Joel Dommett. Musical guest Kylie Minogue chats and performs.

Discussing the return of The Masked Singer on Boxing Day new judge Mo Gilligan says: “It was an amazing experience. Even to be asked to do it was an honour. It’s a big show. Everyone welcomed me, they all came to my door and said welcome to the show. 

“They’re really good, I think that’s what the hardest thing is. These people are amazing singers. Day 1, I was like, ‘I think I know who this person is.’ Then at home I was like, let me google that person, see what they’re doing. You really want to know who it is.” 

This week ITV revealed the winter 2020 Masked Singers are Alien who hopes to dazzle earthlings with out of this world performances, Sausage who is all wrapped up in a newspaper BUT will Sausage be the talk of the town? Dragon is a cutie but when they open their mouth to sing, can they bring the fire?

Seahorse is a beautiful marine creature who will be hoping their singing goes swimmingly, Viking is armed with a sword and wearing a helmet and clearly taking this battle seriously! Blob has many eyes but will all eyes and ears be on Blob?!

Harlequin could be a joker in the pack or a stunning singer, Swan will be confidently swanning into town but when swan sings will they ruffle feathers?, Bush Baby is an adorable looking cheeky fluffy fella but will the voice match the cute appearance?

Badger steps out of the sett but will this badger stand out from the crowd, Robin – this rockin’ Robin will be hoping to deliver tweet harmonies and show that he’s not just for Christmas but planning to go the distance and Grandfather Clock is the original Tik Tok and will be making every second on stage count.

Also in tonight’s episode, Kylie speaks of finishing her album at home: “My respect for my crew got even higher. A few calls to friends, a few mistakes and I set up my studio and finished my album.

“Clothing rails, duvets, blankets, anything to absorb the sound. The glamour!” 

Kylie has become the first woman to top the album chart in each of five consecutive decades. She said: “I’m so glad I didn’t know that [before]. When it got to release week there was added pressure.” 

Later Michael Palin speaks of being in Television Centre again, where they’d filmed Monty Python. He said: “I know this building well. Probably did the first Spanish Inquisition or the dead parrot sketch in this very room!” 

And discussing looking back at his travel programmes for Travels Of A Lifetime he says meeting the Dalai Lama was something he’d never forget: “He did say, ‘I would travel with you, I would carry your bags’ and we had a few jokes about that. He wasn’t very good, he kept dropping them… I think he would have loved Python, he had a great sense of humour and a great presence.”

At the end of the show, Kylie performs Real Groove, from the album Disco.

The Jonathan Ross Show, ITV, STV and UTV at 9.30pm

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