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Public humiliation for Tesni in Pobol y Cwm while the stalker is about to be exposed in River City

Pick of the Plots

Public humiliation for Tesni in Pobol y Cwm while the stalker is about to be exposed in River City

This coming week in River City, Pobol y Cwm and Rownd a Rownd.

Tesni suffers public humiliation as her secret business is exposed when she goes to meet Griffiths for a date. Cassie lets the cat out of the bag regarding Hywel’s sexual antics with Lisa over lockdown.

Hywel begs for Gaynor’s forgiveness as the future of their relationship hangs in the balance. Iori’s curiosity gets the better of him as he attends his own memorial evening.

As the effects of Garry’s absence causes tensions to reach boiling point, Dani finally receives some good news and turns to Dylan to celebrate. Britt’s frustration turns into anger as she decides to turn her back on her brother.

Iolo tries making sense of the New Year’s events, but he risks losing a dear friend as an argument ensues. Mark makes his move on Cassie as they both enjoy a heart to heart.

Pobol y Cwm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8pm, S4C

Preoccupied by what her stalker’s next move might be, Poppy is pleased when Cameron turns up at work to take her mind off things. When a surprise pizza delivery arrives, Poppy worries it’s from her tormentor, but realises only Stevie would know her unusual taste in toppings.

Over lunch, Poppy tells Cameron how the stalker is making her feel. He offers a sympathetic ear, admitting his friend went through a similar ordeal.

Later, Poppy thanks Stevie for his thoughtful lunch delivery, but he reveals it wasn’t his doing. Realising her stalker has struck again, Poppy is horrified and Stevie’s unsupportive reaction causes a rift between the couple. Poppy’s stalker watches this all unfold on CCTV, unaware that their identity is about to be uncovered…

Elsewhere, Alex decides to keep a close eye on Paul, following him to his mother’s house. Paul downplays Alex’s accusations but, as Lenny regains consciousness in the basement, he desperately tries to raise the alarm.

Reeling from the court summons, Ellie’s shocked when Ruby reveals she no longer wants Caitlin to go to jail for Joe’s murder. Ellie visits an exhausted Caitlin who admits she’s resigned to going to prison for murder – the case against her is too strong.

River City, Monday, 10pm BBC Scotland Channel

There’s a dark cloud over the village as people try to come to terms with the bad news – Wyn’s passing and Carys and Aled fleeing with Barry’s money and Tom. Barry makes every effort to find out where Carys has gone but to no avail and he is eventually forced to seek help from an old enemy.

Poor Dani is grieving and despite everyone’s attempt to help her, her grief makes her angry and she takes it out on those closest to her.  She feels pressure to start organising Wyn’s funeral but faces unexpected problems.

Sophie lets Vince know of her disgust at the fact that he slept rough at the school, but by the end of the day both Sophie and Owain receive an unexpected surprise.

Rownd a Rownd, Tuesday and Thursday 8.25pm, S4C

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