Your Pick of the Plots for Friday, January 8.

In turmoil, Frankie tries to see Mick but Linda is home instead. Linda persuades Frankie not to wait but offers her her number, not wanting to burden Mick for the time being. Linda thinks she’s doing the right thing, but this leaves Frankie feeling more alone and rejected than ever.

Frankie gets drunk at The Prince Albert, Ben and Callum realise she’s in a bad way and when she brutally attacks a man in the bar, she ends up arrested.

Meanwhile, Sonia and Martin share their separate woes.

Elsewhere, whilst at dinner with her dad, Chelsea gets a phone call. Gray hides his frustration when Karen offers to look after the kids on a more full-time basis.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8pm

As Simon goes to get changed for his date with Kelly, he’s horrified to find Leanne passed out on the sofa next to a bottle of sleeping pills and calls an ambulance. An embarrassed Leanne admits she just took one pill too many and had no intention of harming herself. Simon’s horrified to learn she never went to France and has been alone in the flat for weeks.

As Leanne breaks down, Kelly’s upset when Simon fails to show for their date. His focus now on Leanne, Simon calls Kelly to apologise before telling Leanne that it’s time he looked after her for a change. When Nick asks about the ambulance Simon covers for Leanne.

Meanwhile, Jenny’s gutted when Johnny’s nurse diagnoses an MS relapse but admits there’s no reason for him not to attend court. Imran asks the judge to show leniency in Johnny’s sentence, citing his genuine remorse and poor health.

Elsewhere, Dev’s shocked by Asha’s poor grades and admits he underestimated how much she’s been struggling. Grace vows to win Aggie over.  David’s horrified to discover his new home is on Shona’s old estate. Abi’s determined to prove Ray bribed the planning committee, despite her waning support.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Tracy is feeling paranoid about Moira helping Nate out around the farm.

Meanwhile, Al is panicking.

Elsewhere, Harriet is jealous.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

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