Gabrielle talks The Masked Singer: ‘Childbirth was easier’

Gabrielle appeared on today’s Lorraine to discuss her time on The Masked Singer.

The singer was revealed to be the voice behind Harlequin at the weekend.

Speaking to Lorraine, Gabrielle noted that the weight of the costume took her by surprise and likened the experience to child birth!

“I wasn’t prepared for it and I was like, ‘I can’t do this, call my lawyers, I am going home! It is going to be rubbish, I am going to sound awful.’ I was running out of breath I was always hot but everybody on the show was amazing and they talked me down. It is an experience I have likened to childbirth – I had less anxiety…with millions of people watching and the prospect of mucking up, put me in the labour ward!

However, Gabrielle went on to note that she is glad she continued with the show and is ‘loving it’ as a viewer, in the dark about who the other masked celebrities are.

“I am loving all the unmasking as it is coming out. I’m like, ‘I didn’t know that person was there!’ The show is so precise, they run a military operation. I am having to wait at home with the rest of us to find out who is behind the mask.”

Gabrielle admitted that her daughter rumbled her during the first show and she had to beg her not to let the cat out of the bag. She also gave an update on her health after battling Covid over Christmas.

“I am fantastic now,” she said. “I took a test to reassure [myself] that I am Covid-free but I had it for the best part of a month. Christmas was an absolute wipe out: I had a severe headache, I was constantly on my inhaler, I have mild asthma but I am fine now.”

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