Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, February 16.

Max arrives at Phil’s brandishing the USB stick he found at Jack’s. As Phil looks at the evidence stacked up against him, Max points out how long he could get in prison and makes a demand. At the same time, Jean encourages Sharon to give things another go with Phil, but Kat tries to put her off the idea.

Meanwhile, Vinny tries to persuade Iqra not to punish Ash for his mistake. Having found out that Ruby is expecting, Iqra congratulates Ruby and Martin and pointedly notes that her sister is also pregnant and facing single parenthood. Still riled, Iqra later visits Martin and tells him that it was Ruby’s fault he was attacked.

Elsewhere, Peter gets his kit off in a bid to impress Ash – lapping the Square in just a super hero cape. However, the cheeky display takes an unfortunate turn when he trips and is knocked out. At hospital, Peter opens up to Ash about his feelings. The nurse administering Peter’s pain relief is distracted.

EastEnders, 7.30pm, BBC One

With everyone skint, Mandy and a distraught Vinny struggle to round up the ransom money for Paul’s safe return.

Meanwhile, Meena tells Rishi it’s about time he forgave Manpreet.

Horrified at her sister’s bluntness, Manpreet tries to reach out to Rishi, but he tells her that he saw her talking to Charles yesterday and can’t trust her.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Tony reacts to Diane’s baby news, while Verity prepares to tell Sami that she’s not pregnant. Mercedes finds Diane at Salon De Thé and is surprised to hear that she’s pregnant, but it makes her yearn even more for another baby of her own. Later, its hinted that Edward’s reign of terror has had a lasting impact on Diane’s mental health.

Meanwhile, it’s Cher’s birthday but she’s annoyed when Sylver invites Mercedes out for dinner with them. However, after speaking to Diane, Mercedes gets drunk and Sylver ditches Cher’s birthday meal to look after his wife, leaving his daughter fuming.

Elsewhere, Darren finds it hard to distance himself from Nancy, but Jack warns him to stay away – he’s got a new family now.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Al is pleased to have his old life back, and at work even Valerie’s sniping about Lily can’t dent his enthusiasm. However, whilst out on home visits it becomes clear someone is following him. Later, Al returns home and is taken aback to find the place spotless – not how he let it.

Freaked out he calls Jimmi and accuses him of breaking in and cleaning up. Jimmi points out the ridiculousness of this idea and hangs up, leaving Al stumped. He looks round the house and eventually spots a note, from Lily making it clear she’s been back in the house.

Meanwhile, Rob asks Jimmi for his take on Tom’s violent behaviour – they both feel like something doesn’t add up. Jimmi tells Rob about some discrepancies in the case against Simon Robson, leading to them speculating on whether he committed the crime at all.

Daniel’s on duty in the prison and tries to get Simon to open up, causing Simon to reveal slightly too much before shutting down and asking to be taken back to his cell. Daniel reports back to Jimmi.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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