This week in Casualty and Holby City

A look ahead to what’s happening in Casualty and Holby City.

Faith realises her marriage is unsalvageable and falls into Dylan’s arms, while Fenisha struggles with admitting her horrifying fears about Bodhi.

Connie shows an eager Grace some of the trauma equipment that is used in the ED, and Grace is inspired by her mother’s profession.

Connie works a hectic shift and feels guilty for neglecting her daughter yet again, but the youngster is unphased and understanding, buoyed by a newfound interest in medicine.

Casualty, BBC One, 8.20pm Saturday, March 13th. 

Sahira tells Hanssen that he may not have been Reyhan’s only victim, leading the great surgeon to become distracted while operating on her father.

Chloe realises Ange is missing and grows increasingly suspicious that Cameron has something to do with her disappearance.

Louis gets into an altercation with a former friend who has turned up seeking revenge.

Holby City, BBC One, 8.20 pm Tuesday, March 16th. BBC One Scotland air the episode at this time also this week.

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