From Yorkshire A&E to dramatic views of Scotland

Telly Today highlights for Wednesday, June 9th.

Channel 4

To mark the 20th anniversary of Location, Location, Location, Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer look back on their 20 years of house-hunting, from chocolate box cottages and future-proof pads, to tackling tough markets and the most memorable offers made.

In this episode, Kirstie and Phil reminisce on 20 years of searching with house-hunters who wanted the country life. John and Stella are moving to Scotland and want dramatic views and to set up a business close to a tourist trail. Emma and Steve’s move to south Wales is mainly for her horses so they need plenty of land for grazing and stables.

In Aberdeenshire, Karen and Russell are leaving the city so they can have more outside space and a nicer view. And Lucy and Joe want a chocolate box Cotswolds cottage. They’ve looked at 300 properties online, but only three in person!

Location, Location, Location: 20 Years and Counting, Channel 4, 9 pm

Channel 5

The emergency team from Yorkshire’s favourite casualty department are in Casualty 24/7. And there have been some changes at Barnsley’s A&E – nursing staff have been promoted, junior doctors have joined and there’s a shiny new red phone. The team remain at the heart of our over-stretched health service, struggling against a backdrop of closing GP surgeries and rising patient numbers.

Cameras see the life-saving medics in resus, the resilient nurses helping the walk-in wounded, and the paediatric specialists looking after the youngest patients. Their passion, dedication and commitment keep them returning shift after shift, but it’s their Yorkshire grit and humour that gets them through the toughest days.

Tonight Sister Jane Hawksworth has clocked on for a night shift to find every bed in Barnsley Hospital is taken. To get the department moving again, Sister Jane and the close-knit Casualty team will have to pull together. It’s only 18 minutes into the shift when junior doctor Patrick King receives a critical call. An ambulance is rushing in a 77-year-old man: Barry has a history of heart problems and now he’s showing signs of a heart attack.

It’s Nurse Chloe Wesley’s first night back on duty since being a patient in Casualty herself after she was bitten by her dog.  She heads straight to resus to treat 26-year-old Kayleigh, who’s come in with a dislocated shoulder. Junior doctor John Shepherd’s next patient is 24-year-old Craig, who fell from a six-foot fence on to concrete. Impact injuries from falls can result in complex fractures so he needs x-rays and a CT scan for Doctor Shepherd to find out what he needs to treat.

In the middle of the night, there’s no slowdown in the ambulances arriving. Paramedics rush in 90-year-old Stanley who’s suffering from severe breathing difficulties. Registrar doctor Dan Bewick
needs to diagnose Stanley fast before his breathing deteriorates any further.

Casualty 24/7,  Channel 5, 9 pm

Sky One

The second series of the hit psychological drama, Prodigal Son, starring Tom Payne and Michael Sheen returns this evening to Sky One.

Criminal profiler Malcolm Bright helps solve the NYPD’s most vicious and puzzling murders, using his insight into a killer’s mind inherited from his father – notorious serial killer Dr. Martin Whitly.

After his sister’s shocking actions in the season one finale, Bright’s personal life is torn to pieces. Now he must “take care” of her and protect his mother from a secret that could tear the family apart all over again.

Prodigal Son, Sky One, 9 pm


In this final edition of the four-part series, ITV’s financial guru Martin Lewis introduces one last time some of Britain’s most extreme savers – who are willing to keep hold of their cash. From those who utilise reusable toilet rolls to those who shower in rainwater, to foraging for food and living off-grid – this programme features people who have made it their life’s mission to save as much cash as they can, often using the advice of Martin, but taking it even further.

Tonight, Martin introduces us to Dave, who’s making big bucks by switching bank accounts. We also meet the designer kitting out luxury flats at bargain-basement prices, and the DIYers who built their first home from a horse box.

Martin Lewis’ Extreme Savers, ITV, 8 pm

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