GB News prepares to launch

The hotly anticipated launch of GB News, Britain’s new news channel, is set to launch Sunday.

There’s been much speculation in the run up to the launch of GB News as to whether it’ll be a UK version of the right wing news channel Fox News and with that in mind, GB News will launch Sunday at 8.00pm.

Available on Freeview, Sky and other platforms, GB News has said it plans to bring the stories and voices of people across the UK often ‘ignored’ by the mainstream media. Its output is headed up by Andrew Neil, who is chairman as well as anchor of his eponymous nightly show.

Speaking in an interview with the Evening Standard, Neil said that GB News will be different to the existing news channels in the UK.

“GB News will be more non-metropolitan than existing channels, more provincial which is a good thing. The provincial voice has not been powerful enough in Britain. We are for people who think the existing channels don’t quite represent how they see things.” – Andrew Neil

GB News to rival, ITN, Sky and the BBC

GB News has managed to attract a number of well known news and television personalities such as former ITN newscaster Alistair Stewart, BBC News’ Simon McCoy and former News of the World showbiz person Dan Wootton.

The channel will be live from 6.00am until 12.00am, offering a mix of news and opinion. The weekday service kicks off at 6.00am with The Great British Breakfast headed up by Kirsty Gallacher alongside a number of co-hosts. It’s thought the show may take a similar direction to that as the successful Fox and Friends in the US.

Piers Morgan, who quit ITV’s Good Morning Britain earlier this year, is a name long touted to join GB News at some point. Andrew Neil says that it would be “nice to have him” but that he is still currently tied to ITV. Morgan was forced to quit GMB after refusing to apologise for questioning the mental health and other claims made by former actress Meghan Markle.

GB News launches Sunday 13th June at 8.00pm
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