This week in River City Rory discovers the truth

The latest from BBC Scotland’s Glasgow serial.

Dylan is feeling increasingly anxious, while Cameron’s plans to lure him away are gathering pace. Little realising his brother has revenge in mind, Dylan tries to spend some time with their mother Eve.

But when Eve drops a bombshell about Cameron’s past, Dylan misinterprets her honesty as an attempt to turn him against his brother and storms off. Meanwhile, at Eve’s flat, Cameron prepares the murder kit – but his plans are thwarted. As Cameron’s frustration boils over, he trashes Eve’s home and Dylan soon finds himself on the receiving end of his brother’s anger.

Elsewhere Ash clashes with Caitlin over her parenting, but Ruby is quick to jump to her mother’s defence, criticising her father instead. With the murder trial over, Caitlin tries to be optimistic about the McLeans’ future, but Ruby still harbours mixed emotions about her gran. Maggie accepts that it will take Ruby time to come to terms with what happened.

As Rory recuperates from his operation, Alex and Amber continue to keep the results of the paternity test a secret. However, when Paul unwittingly uncovers the truth, he decides to tell his fiancé what’s really going on – Rory isn’t a Murdoch. As Rory tries to take the news on board, Lenny is furious to discover Alex had kept him in the dark – and vows to return to fix his family.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel, Monday 21st, June, 10 pm. Repeated on BBC One Scotland later in the week.

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