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From gardens to out-of-date phones


From gardens to out-of-date phones

Telly Today highlights for Monday, June 21 if you want to avoid the football, rugby and tennis…

Channel 4

Filmed during the autumn of 2020, the new series continues, following patients treated in the same 24-hour period at St George’s in south west London.

This episode explores how the legacy that we leave to our loved ones can help shape their lives for the better. A nurse shares her story of finding a career she loves and how caring for patients is something that comes naturally to her. Sir Robert, who’s 93, is rushed to St George’s with a low heart rate, dizziness and confusion.

Doctors are concerned that he may need a pacemaker fitted. Sir Robert’s wife Lady Malpas arrives in resus to be at her husband’s bedside, and tells the story of Sir Robert’s extraordinary life and a near-death experience just two years earlier. Brad, who’s 29, has crushed his finger at work on a construction site. He talks about what masculinity means to him and the importance of male role models that helped shape the man he has become.

Severe haemophiliac Tom walked into A&E after falling off his bike, and hurting his shoulder and finger. Tom reflects on living life with his condition and how it has informed his and his family’s life.

24 Hours in A&E, Channel 4, 9 pm

Channel 5

Renowned horticulturist Carol Klein embarks on another season-by-season tour, visiting some of Great Britain’s favourite and most remarkable gardens, throughout a whole year.

Each episode explores one inspiring garden, from the epic splendour of Arundel Castle Gardens, to the minutely tended borders of Coton Manor, and Wollerton Old Hall Gardens. Also featured is the pioneering plantsmanship at Bressingham Hall, Beth Chatto Gardens, two jewels in the crown of Wales’s horticultural heritage, and more. Sharing her extensive knowledge, Carol meets the people who care for them and learns the secrets of some of Britain’s most treasured outdoor spaces.

This week, in the second episode of the series, Carol visits the garden of Coton Manor, located in the peaceful Northamptonshire countryside. It was an inheritance that might have intimidated many. When Londoner Susie Pasley-Tyler’s mother-in-law died in 1990, she suddenly found herself in charge of a 17th century manor and ten acres of gardens, with almost no gardening experience at all.

This programme tells the story of how one gardener met such a challenge, gradually transforming the garden into an exhibition of creative and dramatic planting schemes that keep on going, all year round.

Great British Gardens with Carol Klein,  Channel 5, 9 pm


If you fancy a bit of classic detective drama then ITV3 is the place tonight.

The detective suspects a connection between the death of a student with secret plans for advancement and the killing of well-known criminal Nicky Turnball, who was in Oxford to speak at the Union. As Lewis and Hathaway eliminate suspects from a long list of the crook’s enemies, the investigation brings him into contact with old flame Diane – who also happens to be Turnball’s wife.

Kevin Whately stars, with Laurence Fox and Gina McKee.

Lewis, ITV3, 8 pm

Sky Comedy

The second series continues tonight with more laughs from the New Zealand mockumentary.

In this episode, entitled Mobots, Minogue and O’Leary are led to a crime, which happens to be at O’Leary’s old family home at the top of Mt Victoria, by a series of out-of-date phones and electrical goods thefts.

Wellington Paranormal, Sky Comedy, 9 pm

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