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TikTok to help sell fashion stock?

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TikTok to help sell fashion stock?

Fast fashion brand ISAWITFIRST is betting that TikTok could be to Gen Z and millennials what QVC and Tupperware parties were to baby boomers.

ISAWITFIRST will begin showcasing selected products for purchase in the UK on its @isawitfirst account pages on TikTok as part of an ongoing e-commerce pilot on the rapidly growing short-form video and entertainment platform.

“This is such an exciting opportunity for us, we are one of the first fashion brands to take this live and I am beyond proud of how fast our team have turned this around and made it a success!”

-Social Media Coordinator and host of ISAWITFIRST’s shoppable TikTok, Saskia Marriott

TikTok’s e-commerce pilot gives brands a new way to drive sales directly through exciting short videos and livestreams, making shopping easier and more convenient than ever before. Without leaving the app, the shoppable features allow customers to buy featured products directly, with ISAWITFIRST offering the TikTok community and its followers free delivery and live giveaways.

As the UK witnessed a nationwide lockdown and shops up and down the country had to close, online shopping surged with more people turning to the internet to find their latest staple wardrobe item. Now couple that trend with the recent roaring success of TikTok and you’ve got yourself a new way of social shopping that’s never been done before!

“We constantly adapt our shows to make sure we’re listening to what our customers want, and we’ve seen amazing feedback so far, especially for the summer dresses that we featured recently. We will be doing this weekly, if not more than once a week, and I cannot wait to see where it takes us, this is just the beginning!”

– Social Media Coordinator and host of ISAWITFIRST’s shoppable TikTok, Saskia Marriott

ISAWITFIRST runs its TikTok livestream takeover every Tuesday at 7pm, offering exclusive discounts and product giveaways. You can tune in here:

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