This week in Pobol y Cwm and Rownd a Rownd

S4C serials this coming week.

Aaron has no other option but to tell the truth when Garry finds drugs in his room. As Aaron opens up, Sara feels like her life is falling apart.

 After biding his time for months, the day finally arrives for Garry to get his revenge over Dylan in a showdown at the Deri. But the situation soon turns ugly as Garry loses control, and not everyone gets out unscathed.

 Cassie gives a damning statement against Garry to the police as they begin piecing together what happened in the siege. While the village comes to terms with what happened, an unexpected visitor pays Mark a visit.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8 pm
English and Welsh subtitles
Omnibus on Sunday with on-screen English subtitles

Given his family troubles, Iestyn has more than one reason to be grateful to Barry, but unfortunately, he has a very strange way of showing his gratitude. Despite being grateful for the safe return of her son, Gwenno has reached the end of her tether and decides to turn to someone for help.

After hearing more about Caitlin’s background, John – in his own inimitable way – thinks of a way to sort out the problem, and Dylan is thinking of an inventive way of sorting out Llew’s attitude towards Sophie.

As Gwenno tries her best to help Carwyn in the Iard, it becomes apparent that she will need a lot of help to change her children’s feelings towards her. Rhys makes an important decision about his future, which may affect more than one other.

The situation between Carwyn and Iestyn gets worse as Anest understands where Iestyn has got his rent money

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday 8.25 pm
English and Welsh subtitles
Omnibus on Sunday with on-screen English subtitles

BBC Scotland’s River City is currently off-air for the summer.

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