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Covid mobile testing lab keeps TV studios operational


Covid mobile testing lab keeps TV studios operational

The show must go on!  New high-capacity Covid mobile testing lab ensures the cameras keep rolling…

The UK has remained the location of choice for many film and TV productions throughout the pandemic. That’s thanks in no small part to the extensive Covid testing facilities available in the UK. Now one of the main Covid testing providers, London Medical Laboratory, is debuting its flagship mobile lab that is capable of more tests than any other mobile unit in the UK.

‘Time is money in the movie industry. Studios need to know that their stars are safe and that shooting is not going to be delayed by an unexpected outbreak of Covid-19. Mobile testing labs such as this will prove invaluable in ensuring that productions can continue, despite the continued presence of Covid in the UK.’ – Media consultant David Jinks

Capable of processing 4,000 tests a day, it has the highest capacity of any mobile testing lab in the country. The vehicle accommodates six lab technicians, who are able to process tests – from swab to result – in just 51 minutes. That ensures far more time is spent filming rather than testing.

The new truck, which premieres on 23 August, is fully staffed with biochemists, product managers and assistants who are qualified to carry out both Covid PCR and Rapid Antigen testing. It will be used on the latest Apple TV series shooting in the UK and at other locations and events across the country. London Medical Laboratory has also provided testing for many other media companies, including Sky and ITV.

‘This year, the latest Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible movies have been filming in the UK. Just last week, Amazon announced it is moving the production of the second season of its Lord of the Rings TV series from New Zealand to Britain. However, it’s only possible for the show to go on because of the high quality of testing available on location in this country. London Medical Laboratory’s highly versatile new mobile lab will be welcomed by the industry.’ -Media consultant David Jinks

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