Twelve celebrities head into the wilds of the Scottish Hebrides…

Best on the Box highlight for August 29th.

Twelve celebrities – TV presenter, Ulrika Jonsson, TV presenters, Saira Khan and Ore Oduba; TV personalities, Kerry Katona, Vicky Pattison and Jake Quickenden; singer, actress and West End leading lady, Alexandra Burke; Olympic Gold medallist James Cracknell; former Premiership Footballer, Kieron Dyer; Paralympic Athlete, Aled Davies; TV star and musician, Wes Nelson and BMX and track world champion, Shanaze Reade -head into the wilds of the Scottish Hebrides as Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and his team of Directing Staff apply pressure through a series of gruelling tasks and interrogations that will test the recruits both physically and mentally.

Do these celebrities have what it takes to pass SAS selection? In this first episode, the recruits tackle the ‘trainasium’ – an aerial assault course designed to test how candidates manage fear. As the recruits get to know each other and relationships form, some of them are already feeling the pressure of the course.

TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson and TV personality Kerry Katona must face their demons and delve into their pasts. For the final task in this phase the recruits must attempt to rescue a hostage from a building that has been exposed to CS gas.

Over eight days, the twelve celebrities will be put through a series of gruelling tasks and interrogations that will test them both physically and mentally. Each will confront surprising truths about themselves, to discover their true self. Not everyone will have what it takes to make it to the end of this unique version of SAS selection.

Celebrity SAS, Channel 4, 9 pm

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2 thoughts on “Twelve celebrities head into the wilds of the Scottish Hebrides…

  1. Scottish Hebrides? Not British? Or how about just ‘The Hebrides’? Now, if it had been a part of England would you have called it ‘British’? Sheesh. The racist White Celtic myth, the Barnett Formula (reviled by its creator, the late Lord Joel Barnett) and asymmetric devolution have a lot to answer for. For a service supposedly based in the Midlands of England, the largest and most ethnically diverse UK country, you spend a lot of time pandering to the elite five million up north, don’t you? Every time I visit this site you’re going on about Scotland – and dropping the British tag.

    1. You’ll have to pick Channel 4 up on that one, they gave out the programme information including ‘Scottish Hebrides’. Although if we mentioned Snowdonia we’d say it was part of the Welsh mountain region, because it is.

      Or Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, we wouldn’t say it was anything else. We’re certainly not Pro-Scottish or Anti-Scottish, all are treated equally hopefully.

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