Pick of the Plots: Friday 3rd September

Your Pick of the Plots for Friday, September 3.

Frankie decides to come clean to Nancy about the hit and run.

Meanwhile, Kat is trying to bond with a reluctant Tommy. He insists that she help Scarlett as she has a court hearing that could place her anywhere.

Later Tommy visits Martin and asks for Alfie’s whereabouts, thinking that he’ll be able to live with Alfie and Scarlett. Martin realises that Tommy doesn’t know the truth and promises to speak to Kat.

Elsewhere, Sharon confides in Phil about her guilt over Ian, explaining that Linda and Shirley are pressuring her too.  She suggests going to the police but Phil reminds her she could face time. Later, Phil worries when he can’t get a hold of Sharon and leaves her a warning not to do anything stupid.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.05pm

Corey takes the stand and lies through his teeth, claiming Kelly viciously attacked Seb as he tried to stop her. He notes that Kelly’s dad is a gangster and she threatened to have him killed if he went to the police. Kelly listens, incensed.

Imran cross examines Corey, suggesting that in fact he was the one who killed Seb. Imran further suggests that Eli is lying about Kelly in order to get a reduced sentenced. Later, Tommy Orpington gives Corey a glowing character reference. Abi accuses Stefan of trying to buy Corey’s innocence and is determined to prove it.

Meanwhile, when Curtis reveals that he’s got a hospital appointment later to get his test results, Emma offers to go with him. However, when he suddenly collapses unconscious behind the bar at the Bistro an ambulance is called. Later, a struggling Emma has a shock announcement for Curtis.

Elsewhere, Alina is keen to take Tyrone to Romania to meet her parents but he doesn’t want to leave Hope, who has just started therapy. Todd and George get themselves into a pickle with Eileen over Phelan’s ashes.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Leyla thinks she’s having a miscarriage, but her focus is on protecting Liam.

Meanwhile, Charity tries to make amends.

Elsewhere, noting his son’s low mood, Charles queries what is wrong but Ethan covers that it’s work related. Will Ethan feel able to tell his father the truth over his worries?

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

All eyes are on Misbah as a shock revelation in the Maalik household leaves her speechless.

Later, when Marnie lets Juliet do extra work in the café for her CV, she ends up falling on the mopped floor. Misbah runs to her aide, but a mystery man interrupts with his own medical opinion. Marnie connect the dots and Misbah admits that the man is Shaq’s dad, Ali.

At the hospital, Misbah is too shaken up by the family reunion and leaves Cleo in charge of Marnie’s care, but with Marnie in agony, will Cleo administer painkillers without supervision?

Meanwhile, Tony is feeling sentimental but Diane cheers him up.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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