This week in River City Angus has the urge for a touch of sabotage

This week in Shieldinch…

Concerned about Maggie’s welfare, Ruby and Caitlin vow to keep her busy. But her mental health is more fragile than they realise, and she’s hearing voices. Later, Maggie admits to Ruby she feels as though she’ll always be haunted by the ghost of Joe Dunn.

Ruby reveals to Ash she fears baby Joe is a constant reminder of the family’s turbulent past. Ash offers a solution for the McLeans to regain control: renaming Joe. However, while Caitlin is overjoyed, a vulnerable Maggie mishears the new name and reacts badly.

As Ruby tries to assure her overwrought gran, Maggie’s mental state continues to crumble.

Elsewhere, Angus is raging to discover ex-girlfriend Rebecca is the new garage apprentice. Bob assures him she’s a perfect addition to their team, but Angus sets about sabotaging her work.

As Jessie considers a new life at Glasgow University, dad Alex is preoccupied with Murdoch business. Jessie is unsettled by messages from the mysterious ‘Devil Incarnate’ and seems determined to hide the communication with this person from the past.

Nicole’s head is turned by charming new arrival Darren. However, their flirtation stops when she discovers Darren is Tyler Foulkes’ brother. Darren tries to convince her he’s different, but Nicole makes it clear she’ll need a lot of persuading to ever date a Foulkes – a challenge Darren is willing to accept.

River City, BBC Scotland, Monday, September 6th, 10 pm
Repeated on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday, September, 7th at 7 pm (This is a different schedule to BBC One outside of Scotland).

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