How much should you be spending on Babyshower Gifts?

We’re now living in a world where increasingly parents-to-be are hosting ‘babyshowers’.

And if you indulge in these parties, at what price can a gift be expected to cost?

According to Find Me a Gift, the average spend on a Babyshower gift in the UK is £21.73 However, much like weddings, how much you should spend on a gift is directly related to the relationship with the Mum-to-be.

Naturally, if it is your daughter, niece, best friend, or sister getting married then you would be expecting to spend a little more and the same goes for a babyshower. Remember though that the organisation of the babyshower, a bit like a hen do, usually falls down to the best friend or sister of the expectant mum.

Mother of the Mum-to-be

It is understandable that if you’re expecting a grandchild, especially if it’s your first, you’re going to want to spoil your daughter on this occasion. You might consider a spa break or afternoon tea for you both as a gift, or maybe you might want to gift the new Mum-to-be a voucher for a newborn baby photoshoot as something to look forward to after the birth.


Sister or Bestie

If you’re about to become an auntie then you’re likely as excited as your sister or best friend about their new arrival, and throwing babyshower to celebrate that is going to be top of your list, but you might also want to gift a keepsake or a first gift for the baby such as personalised bracelet or trinket box.


Friend or Colleague

If, like Stacey Solomon’s fellow Loose Women presenters, you are invited to the baby shower of a friend or colleague then it’s absolutely in good taste to take a gift. Either for the expectant Mum such as a photo frame, or a small stuffed toy for the baby or if you’re struggling to find something unique then this adorable unicorn nightlight is a perfect pressie.


Research by Find Me A Gift an online gift website offering a selection of gifts and gift experiences to a worldwide customer base.

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