Kate Garraway with Dr Guddi Singh to host BBC Two series

The six part series, Doctor, Can You See Me Now? will air in hour long slots on BBC Two.

Described by the Beeb as a ‘groundbreaking series’ the programme uses the latest augmented reality know-how and medical imaging technology to allow patients to see inside their own bodies, to better understand their medical condition and the treatment choices available to them.

“I am thrilled to be part of this fascinating new series that uses the most incredibly advanced technology to help us get a better understanding of how our bodies function when they require urgent medical attention.

“I believe we have all become increasingly curious about our health and well-being since the start of the pandemic, including me personally. I’m looking forward to delving deeper into the fascinating, emotional and empowering journey of all our patients and for them to see what is going on inside their own bodies.” – Kate Garraway

Dr Guddi Singh

Patients with a range of common health issues from heart disease to kidney stones, endometriosis to back pain, will experience an extraordinary medical consultation made possible by cutting-edge technology.

They, and viewers, will see in thrilling visual form what is ailing them, as their condition is brought to life in a sensational and interactive way, providing insights and answers to questions that have plagued them for years. And, as they embark on their road to recovery, we will follow them every step of the way.

The series is being made with access to some of the country’s leading hospitals and consultants from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and HCA Healthcare UK.

 “As a medical doctor who is committed to making health care better, it’s been incredibly exciting to be part of this show and to see, first-hand, the possibilities opened up by augmented reality for clinical practice.

“We so often feel as though our doctors don’t get us, or that we only really understand a fraction of what we’re being told in the clinic. What if augmented reality helped bridge the gap? What if it allowed doctors and patients to connect and make more of their conversations in ways that simply weren’t possible before? At a time when health has never mattered more, I’m thrilled and privileged to be part of public service broadcasting that explores these questions with the British public.” – Dr Guddi Singh

Kate Garraway is best known for her hosting roles on GMTV, Daybreak and Good Morning Britain.

Doctor, Can You See Me Now? for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, is made by Remarkable Television. Air dates will be announced by the corporation at a later date.

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