Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 29th September

Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, September 29.

It’s the day of Kelly’s sentencing. An impassioned Imran delivers his speech, begging the judge to consider Kelly’s troubled upbringing and fragile mental health.

Kevin’s emotions get the better of him when he sees Sabeen while Toyah’s mind whirs when Gary mentions he saw Imran at a bar on the night of Kelly’s verdict. Later, Toyah confronts Imran about whether he has been cheating on her with Sabeen.

Meanwhile, it’s Audrey’s birthday but she refuses to drink with her family, claiming they regard her as an old lush. She’s further underwhelmed by her ‘old-lady’ gifts and Rita making an appearance to bury the hatchet.

Audrey gets in her car but there’s a loud crunch. She’s aghast as Gail reveals she’s reversed into Rita’s car. As Gail and Sarah wonder if Audrey is losing her faculties, she accuses them of being ageist.

Elsewhere, Roy’s pleased to see Nina and Asha getting on. Debbie plans a ‘House of Horrors’ themed event in the derelict brewery building in the run-up to Halloween. David struggles to keep Max in check.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Chloe gifts Sarah with a necklace.

Meanwhile, Marlon is gutted to hear that Rhona’s assault charge is progressing to a court date.

Elsewhere, Mack is left with a spring in his step.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Shaq asks Sami for help in putting a subpoena against Misbah, but he makes it clear that his expectations aren’t realistic and even if they were, he wouldn’t help him.

Later, Misbah gets into another heated argument with Shaq. To get Shaq to finally let it go, she blurts out that his dad is dead.

Meanwhile, Peri doesn’t know whether to go to the police or not while Timmy puts someone in the frame for a crime they didn’t commit. Later, Peri makes a shocking decision.

Elsewhere, Goldie meddles in Prince’s love life; Darren decides it’s time for Charlie to have ‘the talk’.

Also, Misbah warns Mandy about getting involved with Ali.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Rob is openly unimpressed by his counsellor, Charita, because she is the same age as his daughter. He tells her he just wants the therapy ticked off so he can return to work asap but she wants him to take the session seriously.

Meanwhile, Bear’s mum, Makeda, arrives at the surgery and Bear plays up his role as business manager to try and impress her. Zara laughs at the idea she works for Bear but plays along so as not to ruin Makeda’s idea of him.

At lunch, Bear can tell something is wrong with his mum’s café business She admits that her competitor, Clive, is stealing her customers away and she ropes him into spying on Clive’s café for her

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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